Lumarnia online

Alternative names: Lumarnia online
Lumarnia online browser game is performed in the style of fantasy. Once you get into the game, you will see that this is a world that is filled with different puzzles and mysteries, and in which you have to find out. Events shown in the online Lumarnia affect the Middle Ages. Where there is a long-standing conflict between the two peoples. Once Monstrogany disliked Stihiytsev and they were forced to flee as far as possible. This went on for years until one day they were not lucky enough to meet three powerful wizards, thanks to their help, managed to create a unique shield. Then they created a new magical land where Lumarnyuyu lived quietly and thought that the shield will protect them from attacks. However, it so happened that the power Monstroganov was just a giant and they managed to destroy the protection and planting darkness on the land. Fragments of the shield have been lost, but there are different legends about the location of some of its fragments. As soon as you start to play Lumarnia, then transported to a marvelous planet to assist locals in the fight for their freedom. To do this at your disposal get lock. True, he is in pretty poor condition so you will have to restore it and possibly improve. Also in the property will be flying a ship to travel between cities, discover new cities, or the earth and a small supply of money in the form of ordinary coins and a special currency called lumary which stands discreetly dispose wisely. Replenish the coffers possible for achievements during battles and completing quests. Besides Lumarnia game with each level will be complex and will be put in front of you different tasks such as such as to comply with requests of the local population, to debug the communication between the cities and much more. It seems that everything is simple, but it is necessary to be careful, because monstrogany might be waiting around every corner! They certainly try to stop you in every way. Battles between the natural and the monsters in Lumarnii occur in the field where chaotically scattered set stones which are elements. They are necessary in order for you to have had the opportunity to attack the enemy. Do not rush to the commission of attacks, it is better to think and build a defense system of its own possessions, which eventually will probably expand as you go. Before you start playing the game Lumarnia need to go to the official website of the project and go there a simple registration procedure, which will consist of the following items: You must specify your e-mail; Enter coined password; Agree to the user agreement; Choose the gender of the hero; Press the button Lumarnia registration. You are now a full-fledged user of this project. Taking a short in the gameplay, because such an abundance of colors, opportunity to compete and hone the rate of reaction you will not see anywhere else!

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