Alternative names: Mabinogi

Game Mabinogi is the Korean online game, which was created in the style of anime.

Mabinogi online game from 2009 is available in many countries around the world. Not one character in this game is not tied to specific skills or backgrounds.


The game Mabinogi registration does not take much time. You will need to perform the following steps:

1. Find the official website of the game Mabinogi.

2. On the site you will see a button in the upper right corner that says «Play now». Click it.

3. Enter your e-mail.

4. Confirm your email address. You need to enter it again.

5. Read the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. With the consent of all items check the box located next to the white square.

6. At the end click on «Create Your Account».


The second method is the registration via FaceBook. Button for registration is on the same form.

Play Mabinogi can each person whose computer has the following system requirements or higher computer system parameters

Intel Pentium 3 2. 0 GHz - Processor.

512 MB - RAM.

NVidia-Geforce FX 5700 or ATI Radeon 9500.

1. 2 GB - Hard disk drive (HDD).

DirektX 9. 0c

High-speed Internet.


In Mabinogi You can play creating a character with a special card. In Mabinogi provides free maps at registration, but it has limited capabilities.

In Mabinogi online, there are three races:

1) People - this race appears at the very beginning of the game.

2) Elves - this race is introduced the fifth generation of the second chapter.

3) Giants - is a strong race that appears in the game with the sixth generation in the second chapter.

You can choose your character's age. Allowed the opportunity to choose from ten to seventeen years. Your character grows every Saturday for one year. Your character is improved over the years and he is given different characteristics.

In Mabinogi online supply system has the character, so it is very important what you feed it, because it affects their appearance.

Your character may like better and lose weight. Berries are able to reduce the weight of your character, but eventually.

The game Mabinogi online, using a special application you can compose your own music or use melodies that were created by other players.

Your character needs to learn a large number of skills, that is, your character must own martial arts, to develop social ties, and improve magical alchemical abilities. Each skill has its own system of branching.

Game Mabinogi online, which has a large number of constraints, but also many advantages.

To feel all the pros and cons of the game, you have to play in Mabinogi online. But you will certainly enjoy this game.

Register yourself in the game and register your friends to play because his company is much more interesting.

Strive for privileges in the game by their own efforts, and show everyone that you have many trump hid for victory!


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