Magicka: Wizard Wars

Alternative names: Magicka

Magicka: Wizard Wars - updated dynamic MOBA (PVP Arena), where you act as a sorcerer of elements. But first things first.
To enter the game you will need a Steam account, as well as a game client. Use an existing one, or you need Magicka: Wizard Wars registration. Next in the Steam Lounge we find our game and download it.

Game process

Such as the game of Magic in the genre moba, then you have to fight with other magicians like you. There are four types of battles in the game:

  1. classic arena (grab the points of revival, deprive the opponent of respawn points and win, while do not forget to kill the enemy);
  2. collection of souls (destroy NPC mobs on the map, collect their souls, thereby weaken the defense of the main statue of the enemy, after collecting 200 souls your team runs to the statue of the enemy and quickly take it down - you won);
  3. del (one-on-one battle with another magician - checking the sleight of hand and knowledge of combinations of elements - the strongest wins)
  4. training (you hone your magic skills on a small map).
  • death
  • young
  • These are your basic skills, combining which you can attack, defend and superimpose improvements on your magic.

    Boy Process

    You are a magician who manages the elements:

    • water
    • life
    • timesh
    • cool
    • mm
    • All this happens when you press the keys assigned to each element. So, shield + earth + earth will give you a stone armor from physical damage, and, for example, fire + earth + earth is a fireball with great damage. Shield + Death - will lay four bombs that explode in a couple of seconds and cause damage in the radius.

      Almost during the game, your skills, whether attacking, or therapeutic, will affect both your allies and your enemies - be careful!

      Pay attention that each magician has its own development branch (after each battle you earn points and spend them on the skills of your character), each branch gives bonuses to a certain element and at the same time weakens the other. Use this knowledge on the battlefield and it will be harder for you to win.

      Ultimate skills

      Each Magick in Magicka: Wizard Wars has four ultimate skills, which after use take time to recover. Two skills that will give strength and two skills that will inflict huge damage (by area or single target). In the latter case, damage can be done to yourself.

      Master equipment

      Each magician has slots for clothes, each of which gives bonuses to either the magic itself or certain elements. The correct combination will allow you to own this or that element for 100 percent. But do not forget, improving one element, you weaken the other. A magic weapon - deals physical damage, and also has a physical combat technique (with the right button held). Every weapon has this technique.

      words of a word per

      After playing a couple of hours in Magicka: Wizard Wars, you realize that the toy is addictive. Dynamic battles give her a charm (one fight lasts no more than 20 minutes). A modest set of magic at the same time is very diverse and in every battle you learn something new. If you are a fan of dynamic battles, then this game will seem to you a breath of fresh air among other moba games!


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