Magic Rush: Heroes

Alternative names: Magic Rush Heroes, Magic Rush Heroes, Magic Rush Heroes

Magic Rush Heroes - team battles that combine three different styles of play - PVP, RTS and castle defense.

All Magic Rush Heroes actions revolve around your main 5 heroes. You develop them and pump as you progress through the game. The main characters are those whom you take with you in battles. There may be a maximum of five. Globally, there are more than forty different heroes in the game, periodic developers introduce new ones into the game, so you don’t have to be bored.

All heroes are divided into different types, which depend on their style of play:

  • Tanks - 8 heroes
  • Sholes - 9 heroes
  • Magi - 8 heroes
  • Heroes of Support - 5 Heroes
  • Heroes with Guns - 5 Heroes

The same heroes are divided according to the type of damage - physical and magical.

  • Physical damage dealt with melee weapons or bows / guns
  • Magical applied with magic respectively

Other combination of heroes in your team will give it certain bonuses. Also, different types of heroes will be useful for different tasks. In the game you can fight, both against real players (or rather, their teams of heroes), and against the NPC. The second option is much simpler and suitable for pumping.

of heroes also have a level of uniqueness that reaches five stars. 5-star heroes are the most powerful, they seek to take possession from the very beginning of the game. All of which have fewer stars are significantly inferior in strength.

B Magic Rush Heroes on Android and iOs is the arena - the place where players fight each other. Below are examples of some successful teams of heroes that are great for battles in the arena:

  • Gerber, Blaine, Baggins, Alma, Sebastian
  • Pulan, Blaine, Baggins, Alma, Sebastian
  • Jacob, Blaine, Baggins, Sebastian, Mira
  • Gerber, Jacob, Medea, Mira, Pandarus
  • Spartacus, York, Sebastian, Ruby, Mira
  • Gerber, Blaine, Russel, Karna, Sebastian
  • Gerber, Muse, Blaine, Alma, Sebastian

Collecting such combinations, you will have an advantage over other players. The only thing is, if your opponent gathers the same team, then everything will depend on the level and quality of equipment, as well as on a bit of luck.

Download Magic Rush Heroes from our website by clicking on the button to the right of the game logo and then simply follow the instructions. The initial size of the game does not exceed 80 MB. But when you first log in, you will have to download the cash game, it can take more than 200 MB. We recommend to have an active connection in Wi-Fi.

Game Magic Rush Heroes is compatible with Android OS 2 versions. 3 and above, as well as iOS 5. one. 1 and up.

You can download Magic Rush Heroes for Android and download Magic Rush Heroes on iOs - just click on the button to the right of the logo!


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