Alternative names: Managore

Dark expanses game Managore await those who wish to fight with strong opponents. Build your army, use decisive strategy and hone the skills of your character to become a champion in all areas!

Before playing Managore, make sure your computer meets the system requirements such as: frequency processor - 2GHz, 1GB RAM, Video Card - 128MB. Join in the game Managore not take much time and easy:

1. On the main page, select the item "Registration";

2. Enter your username,

3. Enter a secure password and repeat it;

4. Please enter a valid e-mail;

5. Select "Register" and Managore registration is over.

The first time you started playing the game Managore, before you opened crazy, unpredictable and dangerous world. Great people will be in your company, to travel and to go into all the dark secrets. To play in Managore, must be prepared for a tough confrontation, responsible for the supply of products, learn about the technical research and be able to neutralize the aliens for any purpose: malicious, fighting or peaceful.

Now, when you have so many helpers around Managore online , everything will work out: the economy will work, you will be able to seize the land. In the browser Managore online , there is no division into good and bad characters. And you do not have to walk a fine line between heroes and bandits in order to make things work. Perform frontal attack enemies in the game Managore, purchase essentials or know using spy tactics military information.

You are the master of your possessions, so gather resources and building structures to support your growing army. The game offers players Managore nineteen different buildings that can be built. There are also unique eighteen expandable units that are at your disposal.

World Managore online is a dangerous place, and it makes sense to join a guild that you help and support, if necessary. You can join or create a guild with friends or find friends in the game Managore online and create alliances that way. Just being in a guild, you can achieve the goal of the team and unravel the dark mountains. However, you must have experienced players and guilds to a whole must move far enough in the game Managore. However, once you get to the dark mountains, you will be faced with a malicious dragon Managore online .

An interesting feature of the game is the system Managore hero against hero of the battle. But to be recognized by friends or enemies for your great achievements, you have the skills to advance your character to the maximum.


Collect all the forces with other players in the game Managore and test your strategic skills against each other, you can also earn fame so. Stay one step ahead of your opponent to prove yourself and become the champion Managore online fight. Collect artifacts and then use the artifacts of the system, which can help you, so k they have more powerful weapons and armor.

Game Managore presents you battle of wits and high technologies, not just PvP and [_35_ ] PvE battles. Those who eventually reach significant peaks can sharpen their sense of military and technical strategies that even more efficient than their swords! Thus, the game Managore - is online MMO fantasy that combines the best qualities of urban, melee fighting, the research team and other role-playing games.


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