Alternative names: Manhunt

Game Manhunt is unusual controversial computer game. This game is designed in the genre in the genre of stealth action, action which occur in the third person.

Computer game Manhunt can download only grown players. For underage users access to the game is closed. Manhant game you can download at any other site which provides such an opportunity. For example, this can be done on the torrent.

You have a unique opportunity to see the video game Manhunt. This can be done on the game's official website or on youtube. In the video reveals basic information about the game, characters are represented, weapons and much more.

Pc Manhunt - is a unique game with incredible characters. With some of them you can meet in this review:

1. James Earl Cash is the main hero of the game. This character was sentenced to death by injection, but he was "saved." James serious and somber. He best can kill the enemy.

2. Lionel Starkweather \ Director is the main antagonist of the game. He directed by profession. Used to be very famous, and now remove indecent movies. It monitors the protagonist and informs him using special equipment.

3. Ramirez is one-eyed Hispanic. He is the leader of Dogs of War, as well as assistant Starkweather. He uses brute force, forcing the gang to obey him. His weapon - a shotgun and a sniper rifle. Cash kills him.

4. Piggs is one of the bosses of the game. He lives in the attic of the director. He wears the skin and the head of a young hog.

5. Tramp - is a character that is an ordinary stroller. In one of the chapters Kash had to spend it in some direction.

6. The reporter is a journalist who tries to solve the case Starkweather. Cache must take her to the apartment, in order to enable it to take evidence of crimes Starkweather.

7. Gary Sheyffer is chief of police in Karser City. This character is subordinate Starkweather. After the assassination of his chief, he was accused of corruption.

8. Leader of Cerberus Cerberus is the commander during the game, and also sends the main character in different places. He was killed by the protagonist.

9. White Rabbit is a man dressed in a rabbit costume. This character Starvezera henchman. His weapon - a shotgun. Was killed by the protagonist.

Manhant game that is rich opponents

1. Hoods are street thugs. They used crowbars, bats, batons.

2. Skins are a gang of skinheads, who hunts for the main character.

3. Dogs of War is a group of military veterans, as well as professional bounty hunters.

4. Skulls is a group of Satanists who puts the mask and robes with hoods.

5. Babies are mentally retarded fatties with inclinations pedophiles. They wear masks puppet.

6. Thugs is a bunch of psychopaths who suffer from mental illness.

7. Police Carcer City is Carcer City police


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