Mass Effect

Alternative names: Mass Effect

Mass Effect - a game that was doomed to success. It is made in the best traditions of the fantasy genre. Even though there are some similarities with KOTOR, the project is popular. In addition, developers masterfully disguised plagiarism under a new great engine. Graphics in the game is great, fighting and shooting realistic, all the basic elements of the genre are present in full - in a word, gamers complain no matter what. Ahead will meet with the main character, who, accompanied by a pair of fellow travels across the expanses of intergalactic space. At the disposal of your character will starship mod called "Normandy".

In Mass Effect pc you will have to meet with familiar dilemmas - the hero will need to choose which, good or bad, side to side. On intergalactic conferences to decide the fate of entire planets and galaxies. Yeah, all too seriously, and what you thought?

To the story of your character having been commenced, it will be necessary, first of all, Mass Effect download. It's enough to find localized game on one of your favorite torrents. Then everything on the "thumb" - first choose the personality of the character, composition of its unique biography and can safely go on a journey. Depending on what you prefer to choose a biography, will change the game dialogues, as well as the number of jobs. In Mass Effect characters may belong to different classes.

1. Psionic.

2. Soldiers.

3. Techniques.

In addition, the choice of a few mixed classes available.

Editor character takes you half an hour at least, but it is designed so efficiently, that their time will pass unnoticed.

In Mass Effect mission appear out of nowhere. The developers have managed to make the project intriguing - when it seems that just about all have to tie with geymerstva plot gaining such speed that the game might not tear his eyes. Just can not keep silent about that at the end awaits a real Hollywood Action thriller, no less. Well, in general, you realize that you need to download the game, you also can not miss this, is not it?

In Mass Effect weapons heroes most modern and powerful. So deal with alien enemies will be quite simple. But do not relax too soon, try to start walking a couple of missions. Characters will be able to enjoy all the benefits of technical civilization, which greatly diversify the game and make it more dynamic. In between battles, you can give orders to their allies, as well as designate targets. What is true is most urgent is only when confronted with these "mother of bosses", which will open for you on higher difficulty levels.

Well, not yet ready to complete your collection of favorite games of the new instance? For clarity, we suggest to familiarize with skim the presentation Mass Effect video trailer, which describes in detail all the benefits of the project.


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