Mass Effect 3

Alternative names: Mass Effect 3

Unfortunately, fascinating and interesting science fiction genre today can be stored safely in the Red Book. And though a certain amount of fantasy stories about spaceships and menacing aliens out regularly, to rank them to the original sci-fi genre can be a stretch. Recall that science fiction is considered to be the one that does not contradict the achievements of modern science, which certainly can not be said about this film, not about games, especially. However, Mass Effect 3 - a game that tries to revive the real fantasy. Noticeable that developers thoroughly studied all the features and characteristics of the genre before you started work on the trilogy. Even the most complex fabulous moments in the game look naturally lend themselves to the laws of logic and explanations (well, of course, if you're not a critic, and will not dig too deeply, trying to find a discrepancy of a moment of reality). Good and proper sci-fi game - it is the most appropriate response Mass Effect 3 pc.

The basis of the scientific ideas of the project taken such a "zero element", which allows you to change a lot of different objects in arbitrary limits. Game developers have allowed themselves to assume that the closer to the XXII century this item, it - mass effect - will be used anywhere and everywhere (in Mass Effect 3 missions in some way demonstrate it in action if you want to be able to understand! ). And it will be relevant in all areas of human life and activity: in engines of aircraft and spacecraft, weapons, household items. At first glance it may seem rather confusing and unrealistic, however, to understand more serious, you can find an explanation for all people without exception. Moreover, the most surreal element in Mass Effect 3 - a weapon that works by changing the heat sink, and it has a scientific basis. As you can see, the game creators to own creation came with utmost responsibility. And that no matter how a combination of quality gameplay and more or less realistic story is the key to success?

Before you want to download Mass Effect 3, think about if you're familiar with the previous parts of the project. If not, the real pleasure of the game will not be able to get. Strongly recommend urgently to catch up. In addition, the first and second parts of mass effect is no worse than the final draft of the trilogy. Going into the game, you will know that the legendary hero Shepard was fired from the organization, but for a long time without work remain, of course, could not. Already familiar to Mass Effect 3 characters and newcomers will help the protagonist once again to save the Earth from invasion reapers. Finally, fans waited for the project outcome - all storylines converge in the third part. Vividly imagine everything you prepared for the game can be looked to Mass Effect 3 trailer video. Believe me, you can not remain indifferent!


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