Master of Orion

Alternative names: Master of Orion

Igra Master of Orion. Conquer The Stars dominion over the universe.

Master of Orion wargaming fantastic massively multiplayer strategy with beautiful graphics and great storyline elaborated. A distinctive feature is the fact that all the games characters voiced popular cinema actors. Having gone through several generations of upgrades and became popular since the first release, the authors of the latest version outdone themselves, creating a 3D universe and many of its inhabitants.

Igra Master of Orion 2016 enables players to conquer space, to conquer the world, trade and unite with others for the sake of their own race, rule in the vast universe, and the establishment of order in it. Having been in the order, the whole planet, players will be able to expand its influence in many other, integrating them into their own galaxy. The development of science and technology will allow to build an invincible space fleet, develop industry and bring the economy to the highest level. Winning will get the unions to destroy other nations, becoming a single race in the universe, or will receive such a big impact that will reign supreme.

Razrabotchiki offer players a choice of eleven races, they differ not only in appearance, but also the culture, history and civilization. Each nation has its own constitution, strengths and weaknesses, but without a doubt, all of them will have to fight for supremacy in the universe. To join the fantastic world of Master of Orion is a need to download the program, because it is a client game. Only after the program installation on the hard disk PC players will be able to choose the people for which they will fight and who they entrust their lives as a wise ruler.

Novshestva in Master of Orion game.

Minimalnye system requirements for your computer should be at least two gigabytes of RAM, 15 GB of free space on the hard drive and a dual-core processor, only on such a device can download the game Master of Orion. Vindovs operating system, from the seventh version and above. Developers offer to fans of space battles several editions of the game, a collector's version, start creating your own galaxy there may be today, it gives the right of early access and even some privileges, such as:

  • Vse version of the original games;
  • Edinstvennuyu race inaccessible to other players named Terran;
  • Rezhim, transforming modern spaceships modeled in 3D graphics in the form of a pixel, for fans of retro style,
  • Grafichesky album;
  • Originalny soundtrack orchestral performance.

Igrokam willing to wait for the standard edition of Master of Orion games in 2016 will have to give way in the development of the first players to wait a certain amount of time before the start of the project in the public domain.

to the development path

Kakoy would not have chosen a player, he was from the first day have to adjust production resources, their in game 4, are loans, game currency, research, and food production. Just build a strong economy own galaxy, the user starts to create a space fleet and conquer other planets, extending the sphere of influence. To expand the colony can not only taking control and making it habitable other planets possess satellites makes it possible to build a strong defense. Successful trading, strong diplomatic ties and winning a war, this is what will bring the total domination of the game Master of Orion.


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