Medieval Europe

Alternative names: Medieval Europe
Game Medieval Europe certainly will appeal to all fans of the project, the basic steps that occur during the Middle Ages. Most other contemporary projects, this game differs strongly enough. To date, Medieval Europe can be considered one of the most correct and polite projects. Despite the fact that here there are fights and battles, as in most similar simulation, the game does not look aggressive. On the contrary, everything is done very well and consistently, as it should be in real life. Though now Medieval Europe online looks very nice and the game management is quite functional (at least complaints from ordinary users not received - all all quite satisfied), the developers are not at risk to give up their offspring to fend for themselves. The project is constantly there are any updates for both its appearance and functionality. Control the game intuitive, if you are fond of computer simulators online, then there are no problems with this project should arise. But before gameplay begins in Medieval Europe registration should be passed. Game site is translated into several languages, including adapted for English-speaking users (can be translated by clicking on the small Russian flag at the top right of the site). By following the link "Sign Up Now" will be taken to the page of the registration form. Fill in the form, listening to the prompts (enter the name of a mailbox and password). Line with ID invite users can leave blank if you are out of the game by yourself. Finish the registration and wait for email with a link to activate your account. You may want to Medieval Europe Online attach to your Facebook-account. After activation, you must create a character, choosing not just his name and sex, but also personal qualities, characterizing him as a person and a fighter. After this, it is best to take a course. It is quite long, but informative. Completing quests, issued by different characters, you will be able to understand the features of the project and successfully start it. By the way, the job offered in training, provides for a nice bonus. Pleasant is the fact that Medieval Europe to play for free. Of course, the ability to purchase in-game currency for real money is available, but its use is not necessary - all can achieve through their own efforts. Personal cabinet contains all the basic information about a character. You probably already accustomed to the fact that will have to start small: on the character will be a minimum of clothing, and at his disposal - a loaf of bread and a bit of money with you and begin to develop. Play in Medieval Europe will need to studying different religions (all achievements will be displayed in your account) to obtain different skills, performing all sorts of tasks and getting rewarded for it. The game is designed to trifles, but because there is no extra characters. Each character is something so mean to the gameplay, but because all the roles here should recoup very clearly. This is a basic rule of the game, for non-compliance it is possible to leave in the ban. Be prepared that in Medieval Europe will need to play, in my rather extensive map exciting territory from Europe to the Middle East (to date on the map there is about 50). Select the state from which you want to begin your journey, train, equip your character and go!

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