Metro: Exodus

Alternative names: Metro Exodus

Ukrainian developer 4A Games, sensational series of games"Metro 2033", which inspired them novels D. Glukhovsky, continues to please fans with new releases. Game Metro: Exodus abounds in dark landscapes of open space and dungeons. In their opinion, it is still possible to start life from scratch, but there are many obstacles and dangers ahead.

When E3 was shown at the exhibition, announcing that it would be possible to play the game Metro: Exodus quite soon, for many it was a real surprise, and I must say, quite pleasant. He was named the most exciting and best of all presented trailers, and many said that for them this game became the most anticipated. Bloch admitted that for the studio this project is the most ambitious of all, which she had to deal with.

Inspired developers for the project game STALKER with their post-apocalyptic world. Taking the idea as a basis, they created linear levels and huge open territories. Also, along with the already familiar mechanics of actions, significant changes will be noticeable, which will also introduce a fresh stream of sensations into the game process.

What is known from his words and announcement, we can conclude that the product turned out really cool, and download Metro: Exodus worth it. Earlier, the heroes wandered around the destroyed metro in Moscow, now they decided to get out, which will cause a constant change of scenery. The landscape is very diverse and the events cover the year, which involves changing weather, seasons, time of day, and animals. Trying to survive, the heroes must always be on guard, keeping the surrounding world on the fly. In doing so, carefully study the subjects around, so as not to miss anything useful. Even a couple of cartridges for the machine can save lives, and should not be neglected.

Start at Metro: Exodus play, get ready, that events develop rapidly, and players need a good reaction, the ability to make quick decisions. As the main enemies are animals that have lost their former charm.

During the Metro: Exodus players have to go through a lot of quests, solve puzzles, fight with the enemy. Picking up items, they can be used in certain situations, however, this is a natural practice. It's time to go to the reconnaissance of the devastated earth, and try to find a place where life will be reborn. Will the heroes find him? For sure, yes, because then they are heroes. That's just at what price they will succeed and when this happens...


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