Metro Conflict: Presto

Alternative names: Metro Conflict: Presto
Metro Conflict: Presto is a pc Schuster in the first person, which is represented by the model free-to-play. He makes beat over the edge adrenalin. Graphics used in the game is quite appetizing for both professionals and gamers for ordinary citizens. Model, setting and visual effects are made at the highest level and it is evident in the first few minutes of the game. And though the situation on the cards may seem familiar from other games, but that's no reason to grieve. Decorations can be easily attributed to the positive features of this project. The game takes place in the near future, where to live in the world simply does not come out and it is all just a powerful weapon, reaction and dexterity. Game Metro Conflict: Presto filled with various kinds of weapons, which can be strongly modified to increase the accuracy, rate and stuff. You will be able to use very heavy weapons, shields, and the main highlight of the project is that you can use two weapons at once and shoot respectively with two hands at once. It is possible to carry out the following: as soon as you have finished with your opponent, you have the opportunity to take his weapon, for this approach and just pick it up. Taking a weapon in both hands of course lost the ability to accurately aiming and full review (since half of the screen is occupied by weapons), but appears rate, dealing damage increases at times! Also, the second hand may take the shield, which may partially protect and destroy diversity. But even Metro Conflict: Presto review is not able to transmit all the colors and variety of games. Feel the power of a huge machine gun fire and other weapons you can only, and came to play. And believe me, the game is worth that would play it at least once. Metro Conflict: Presto pretty exciting to play, there are different modes, both single and protracted story missions. Feature of the game is co-op missions large, of course, it takes more time but the result is ultimately pleases. So gather your team and are going through a series of tests, driving squad in armored vehicles smash enemy army. And most importantly, remember that your squad has enough strength and wits to win. In general the game implemented the glory if you want to run with a machine gun at the ready, then this will have to taste the gameplay, it will offer a real drive and a lot of stunning emotions. Now if you only need to Metro Conflict: Presto download, make it pretty easy on the game's official website, you just go there simple and rapid registration. The game has a great future, but before the gameplay You can verify this using the Metro Conflict: Presto video - trailer. And already introduce yourself as one of the fighters who fights with enemy forces. Let the enemy trembles only one thought that you go to it.

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