Microsoft Flight Simulator

Alternative names: Microsoft Flight Simulator

Game Microsoft Flight Simulator - a civilian flight simulator. A whole series of issues that began its history as far back as the existence of one thousand nine hundred and seventy-second year. But manufacturers to produce these games famous corporation Microsoft. Sea gameplay provides fun and leaves the best impression.

But it is not browser-based toy, so if you have expressed a desire to play, you need to download Microsoft Flight Simulator. Perhaps to start is to see Microsoft Flight Simulator videos and screenshots, or at least read through the information provided here.

Game Microsoft Fly Simulator have a very real basis. Fascinating physics of flight, and thus complicating the management of transport available only here - aircraft. The game features all kinds of planes to choose from. Only here:

• Real airports;

• Dispatching support;

• Autopilot;

• Weather conditions;

• Training Course;

• Creating models and airports.

Real Airports - you have a unique opportunity to play on almost all major airports with real data, landscapes.

Dispatching support - all the gameplay you support, as in the real world, dispatching service and sweet voice on the other side of the wire.

Autopilot - if necessary, you can move, as in life, the automatic mode.

Weather conditions - you will overtake all sorts of weather conditions. And even better. What if there is a connection to the Internet, you can come in real time to the weather conditions.

Training course - as in any computer game, you will pass the initial training before an independent flight into the open sky.

Creating models and airports - is a unique opportunity. To do this you will be given all necessary.

In Microsoft Flight Simulator game play itself is fun. Only here, thanks to the excellent graphics, you can take off from the actually existing airports. And in general to see any point of our planet. Because you can fly as low and highly appreciated. In the first version, you can fly directly beside Elfivoy tower or over the territory of the dense jungle. In the second case, of course, in reality the whole territory will turn into mosaics, maybe a little is not enough traced. But when you consider all the great pluses of the game, that this is only a small drawback.

As a result, pilots join a team and create a virtual airline. And engaged in bringing them up. A good excuse to call a friend and make new ones.

How do you? Already felt an urge to feel the power of this heavenly space?

And for this you need only visit the site and Microsoft Fly Simulator game download. Strive to know the heavenly world and the earthly world to look at a bird's eye.

Because all workers over this toy invested not only the best of their forces, but also the soul. And for all the fans favorite.

Go to the site. Here are waiting for your appearance. Enjoy the game!


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