Might and Magic: Heroes. Kingdom

Alternative names: Might and Magic, Heroes of Might and Magic

Might and Magic: Heroes. Kingdom - the embodiment of the world-renowned online strategy

Heritage step cult strategy on network expanse became free online game Might and Magic: Heroes. Kingdom. However, now it is - real time strategy game. Originally Might and Magic: Heroes Kingdoms online at the end of 2011 the game was completely localized into Russian.

Join in the game Might and Magic: Heroes. Kingdom is not any difficulty. To do this you need to go to the official website of the game where you have to press the red button that says "PLAY". Then you will be offered the choice to commit the parties (there are 4). Might and Magic: Heroes. Kingdom after registration requires you to specify the name and emblem, which will be the original card for the other soldiers. Do not forget that your selected symbols will appear on all messages you post. Next step: you have to think of a name for your city name and appearance of the hero, where uniqueness - it is a "plus" for your future gaming activities. Then press on the "Create a kingdom," and phase Register Might and Magic: Heroes. Kingdom - successfully completed!

So, Might and Magic: Heroes. Kingdom online game, where the main instrument of control over the kingdom are heroes. You can hire them at the tavern. Each character will have its course, that depends on the fraction of the city. The maximum number for the player trades - 3, each of them may be from three to five skills. Play the game Might and Magic: Heroes. Kingdom online means - a lot of traveling and fighting. During these sessions you will come across a variety of artifacts, but only eight of them with you can have each character.

Army in Might and Magic: Heroes Kingdoms Online - the basis of military power, which consists of groups - groups of creatures of the same type, fighting together. For a battle is influenced by both the characteristics of the hero and defenses of the region and the city, spells and artifacts. What wonderful game Might and Magic: Heroes. Kingdom online, it's the fact that regardless of the outcome of the battle, the loss of troops will be only 30%. That is, even if the fight was destroyed your entire army, eventually you "return" 70% of the original number of soldiers.

To successfully play the game online Might and Magic: Heroes. Kingdom need to pay considerable attention to the development of the city. After all, there are going to resources hired army and heroes. The city is located in the center of the region, which consists of 24 squares, human monsters. Victory over them provide access to artifacts, 4 mines or just free space for construction. Structures provide a bonus to defense and help to develop your economy.

When you start playing Might and Magic: Heroes. Kingdom, it is important to know that you are guaranteed a fifteen protection from attacks for the development of the game and the fortification of the town. Also does not hurt knowing that you can create an alliance with up to 20 participants. Their land is also included in the alliance, which ensures enhanced protection for your site. Exchange of resources between members of the alliance usually carries a mutually beneficial, as each town has a total of 4 own mines, though Might and Magic: Heroes. Kingdom has 7 online resources (as well as the original source).

In Might and Magic: Heroes. Kingdom of users will play in the world Ashan torn apart by war between the four nations:

• Knights

• Demons

• Necromancers

• The Sorcerer

The main objective of each player - to restore order and give the world hope for prosperity and peaceful future. Therefore ... go for it, enjoy all the advantages of the game and win!


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