Alternative names: Minecraft

Minecraft - multiplayer sandbox, where everything is made of blocks. Seriously, everything in this world, not only the building, even living things are made of blocks, as if they were made designer items. Though the game with one texture resolution, but already has a lot of fans.

Before the game, the producers, for a good game, it is advised to check with your computer with the system requirements of the game. Minecraft game needs the following requirements:

  • CPU frequency - 1.4 - 2 GHz;
  • RAM - 512 MB, 1 GB
  • Hard Drive - 80 MB;
  • Connection to the Internet;
  • Keyboard;
  • Mouse.

Now, it turns out, it is necessary to take shape in the gameplay. Minecraft registration will bring you closer to the game and quickly. One has only to verify compliance with data given by you:

    1. Login to the official website of the game Minecraft;
    2. Menu in the upper right corner of a small inscription - registration;
    3. Enter your email address;
    4. Invent and write down your password,
    5. Repeat this password;
    6. Put a tick if glad to receive news and information about the game to the post office;
    7. Register your name;
    8. Write your name;
    9. To select your date, month and year of birth;
    10. Specify three key secret question and enter the answers;
    11. If you agree to the policy and privacy of the game - put a checkmark;
    12. Click - registration.

And you here. choose a character. What he will appear before you.

Play online game Minecraft, not looking at a specific schedule, pretty exciting. In your strength to build their own world in the details, you can build anything and everything as it is the territory of your creativity. Later on in your world may appear your colleagues, which by the way you can invite team play. But can also follow the life of your own hero.

In Minecraft You'll play in four game modes, such as:

  • Creative,
  • Survival;
  • Hardcore;
  • Adventure.

Creative - only here you can not die, maybe learn to fly, and even the number of blocks for buildings has no limitations. The player also has the ability to break any block.

Survival - real survival of your character. We must build a shelter, get food and nightly defense from attacking monsters. And at the death of a character loses all their possessions, although the first five minutes after the return of all things will be in place.

Hardcore - similar to regime survival. But that's only when death disappears acquired the entire world.

Adventure - just live, just do not be able to demolish the blocks. So be careful.


Also in the game Minecraft online player has additional interesting features, such as, for example, potion and enchanting. And provides a wide range of materials.

In online version of the game, you can download Minecraft free, just have a good search.


In general, the game is a unique Minecraft, the game does not always meet with the graphics. Of course, nowadays it already has similarity.


Are confident that you will enjoy. Good game!


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