Ministry of War

Alternative names: Ministry of War

Ministry of War online - multiplayer browser-based strategy game free model. Events inside the game world develop in real time, so you'll always have a chance to intervene in the situation. Caught in the Middle Ages, you will head his own empire and take on the task of doing everything possible to make it prosper. Have to make a titanic work to transform its appearance and become wise commander to reflect all the dangers, and to win from others what is bad.

To step back in time, you will need Ministry of War registration. Once your account will be immediately able to create a character and go to meet an unknown virtual life.

Ask why you should play the game Ministry of War ? Many reasons. First, because you will have the unique opportunity to take as many as five periods of development, namely Savage Age , Dark Age , Feudal Age , Castle Age [ _39_] and Empire Age . With each step you get all the more powerful and confident. Secondly, you have the choice of what to become. You decide what the most appropriate culture. Rome, Egypt, Persia, or maybe China? All these civilizations their special bonuses, certain lifestyles, special troops. Civilization, which will manage, you must lead to world domination. If this is successful - then reached the highest goal. Third, holding Ministry of War play, you'll never be bored. There are so many wide variety of classes just do not give a second of rest! You will need to be engaged and construction, and select soldiers for his army, and take care of pets, which eventually become a great helper in battle, and yet constantly dry head over what strategy to choose the same for the next battle. As for animals, they are blessed (three species) and happy household (also three species). Relatively soldiers should know that need to be chosen carefully, and do it, that is to hire a fighter, you can at the local tavern. Well, the fourth, the game Ministry of War offers such a wide range of different equipment that resist the temptation to try it in action can only fool. Equipment is divided into four levels of quality. Each level is indicated by its color - white, green, blue, purple - from the most powerful equipment to the feeble, respectively. Oh yeah, and that's not all! During gameplay, you can find allies and do unimaginable things. Joining the guild - the right decision. The more that Ministry of War offers this free benefit.

It should be told about the additional advantages of the project. In the game there are a lot of game elements, which you will enjoy with relish. You will learn to use vaulted architectural art, stone renaissance manuscript sage, cobalt ore, book noble birthright, passport Arcadia, shock troops, refined gold. Overcoming one after another five different ages, you will experience a huge number of exciting adventures. This path from beginning to end will allow train as a mental capacity and physical. Be active and all you will succeed! Let your pastime with this game will be enjoyable and memorable!


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