World Est

Alternative names: Este World

Popular browser game Esteworld better known as World Est online, offers you a fantastic world full of extreme adventures entertaining quests and spectacular battles in the format PvP (player versus player). Online game World Est style and embodiment is very similar to a classic genre - the game "Dungeons and Dragons" (or «D & D»).

Its main advantage, you will be able to evaluate, starting to play World Est, is the complete freedom of action gaming methods and virtually unavailable commercially motivated.

Minimum system requirements specified by the developer, do not apply to the configuration of your computer (office standard for PC games will fit perfectly), and focus attention on the work of browsers. Namely - before you start playing the game online World Est check your browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera) - should be allowed and cookies enabled javascript. If you do not know where and how to turn on the game's website has detailed instructions for each browser separately.

So, from the technical side proceed to create an account. Join World Est has a large number of recommendations and explanations. Here maximum describes possible failures and mistakes, which should not be allowed a word created every way favorable to your registration in the game World Est was successful and reliable. Well, if you be more specific, you will be required nickname (name) of the future character, your postal address secret question + Reply and some intricate password . Optionally, you can fill in a form of personal data. In addition, the World Est online registration immediately implies choice of race and class hero . Your choice five races and six classes .

So, more about the races, in which you can play the game online World Est. The first and most popular - it People . The main advantage of this race - the balance between skills and abilities. There are those who believe people "middling", but this is just the trick. And most importantly, available only to people all weapons and all classes. The second race - it Elves , wise and peaceful magicians, they can fend for themselves in case of an emergency, but if possible try not to resort to aggression. Third race - Half-elves - resulted from the mixing of human and elven races. They are stronger than their ancestors, due to the fact that we took from them the strongest quality (characteristics). Funny race - Halflings . It dwarfs such bullies, their craft - petty theft, and the advantage - agility and resourcefulness. Gnomes - the last race, the most canny life of contemplation. They are alien to war or light crafts, they used to work and survive at the expense of the extracted resources. As for the character classes, your character will be able to become Paladin or Warrior Ranger Druid or Priest Mage or Thief . The only thing that should be noted Est World online game in which every race is not available all six classes, so be careful in your choice.

Interestingly, in the World Est play can start from the second level, which is necessary to effectively distribute the glasses on the characteristics and perform successfully in the arena in a battle with himself to become a novice. From the second level you are allowed to join any clan. Moreover, from the fourth level you can already create a clan that will allow you to virtually from the start to work only on their reputation.

In all the above described game World Est online opens up a large space for players adventurous journeys - diverse landscapes with a variety of all living creatures, mysterious island full of surprises and gloomy dungeons, etc. So develop, fight, travel and get a lot of impressions of this mysterious and unusual world Est.


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