Alternative names: Mist

Mist Online (Myst Online) - browser-based multiplayer online game, free of charge, which has long been loved by a decent amount of fans of similar games. Online game Myst by and large this is a life-long resident of browser-based role-playing games, but despite this, not only loses its special appeal, but quite the contrary - has increasingly become a much better and more serious in terms of product quality. Online game Mist - this is the piece of pleasurable sensations for which people continually drawn into the world of MMORPG.

Register Mist in the game will not take you long. All you need to do - account name, email address and a password to secure access to your account. So, after a couple of minutes on your email address will receive a letter notifying them that the registration Mist over.

Game Myst has a beautiful interface, over which designers have worked on glory. So use it will be appreciated by both novices and those for whom this online game - is not the first to record.

One of the "highlights" of the game is that with increased levels of character change not only its playing characteristics, but also its appearance. It grows, forming and becoming more and more heroic. Accordingly, you will always be able to determine the approximate level of appearance on your opponent even before the battle begins.

Interesting course developers is the abandonment of many already bored of strikes on areas of the body. The battle system, which presents us with a Mist online game is a kind of confusion of ordinary battles and turn-based model, causing fights are interesting and unpredictable. Not one duels rich combat part of the game, it also provided for the teams struggles, and it means that your character is worth carefully choose the group or clan to join. Mist online game that boasts not only a battle system, but also a system of pumping your hero. Actually, the virtual absence of bribes classes as such.

All in the game, there are three combinations of certain characteristics of the character, which determine your position in the battle. If you tough defender, then you - agility and endurance if you closer in spirit attacking style, then it is necessary to focus on the strength and intuition. Thus, intelligently combining the tactics of character development, over time you develop a unique fighting style that suits you best. Mist online game pleasantly pleased developed economic system. On the average user this is reflected in a decent amount of opportunities to earn their keep and maintenance of a loved one. The easiest and most effective option - production and sales resources. Also, you can earn from the same manufacturer supplies a variety of artifacts. Of course, will have to make a little more effort, but the rewards for the work will be much greater. The game even provides an exciting opportunity to participate in the lottery, but in order to try their luck just start playing the game online Mist.

With each new level your character opens a certain part of the game locations, new skills and the ability to use more powerful weapons. Actually, your arsenal, wardrobe and game card expand to the extent that it increases the level of your character.

Starting to play the game online Mist, many players argue that it is a chur complicated and hard to understand it. But it is precisely for this game implemented a mentoring system: The first three levels will be up to you to follow your teachers - are players like you have some knowledge of the gameplay. Continuing to play in Mist, once you reach level four, you will have the opportunity to become a member of one of the clans. By and large, the space for selection is not so great, but almost all the clans in the game - very strong, and therefore you should seriously consider if you still doubt that joining a clan benefit you.

It is said that Mist play that is not only pleasant, but also interesting - one of the few games that can rightfully be called a success. Do not loiter, register and feel like a hero!


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