Alternative names: MonstersArmy

MonstersArmy Online - multiplayer browser-based strategy game fiction genre. You will find yourself in a world where not stop the struggle between vampires and werewolves. By joining one of these, you will need to take the reins in their own hands and create a powerful colony. Your castle and will be a haven between gambling campaigns against hunting. Of course, no one else being an ordinary person, and does not think about what happened to him could happen like that. But anyway, and once you start MonstersArmy play with you it has already happened. Once you have been attacked in the dark woods, when you follow your own way, having a job, you woke up completely different. Now - you being thirsty bloody flesh. Eternal hunger will push for actions that have recently seemed vile and disgusting. But what can you do? Have to survive and do their best to feel comfortable in the new image. Eventually even start to ask yourself the question - and maybe better that it all happened?

The game world is filled with heated battles between the warring parties, incredible events, crazy adventures, and even a lot of trouble about farming in his own fortress, well and cares about how to pump your character and make it thus unbeaten. And all of this will be available to you as soon as you pass the registration MonstersArmy. Create Account - a fairly simple process. Required to fill in fields such as e-mail address, Username, Password (confirmation), then tick the box, thereby adopting the Agreement and expressed a desire to receive news, and then look in your mail and open the letter that you sent. The letter is a link to activate your account. That's all business. It is time to enjoy MonstersArmy Online. By the way, low system requirements allow it to do virtually anyone. So go ahead! Vampire - with unique skills creature of the night, a werewolf - superman elevated instincts, which is endowed with great force and speed. That vampires and werewolves fighting in this extraordinary world for their superiority. Your task - to make their possession impregnable, create a powerful army, which is not afraid to enter the conflict, but also constantly engage in research, construction, development of new skills. Your powers will eventually become more and more impressive and you feel you are ready to deal. Only MonstersArmy game gives an opportunity to experience an unforgettable feeling!

So, you survived and became the reincarnation of his killers. So many thoughts on how no, you should immediately take up urgent matters. As for the castle, on its territory is necessary to build a lot of different buildings. Of course, not all at once. But gradually all these objects will be built in your territory. And the people and the gold in turn are among the most valuable resources. If you feel strong enough, and you think that have enough wealth, so no one will stop attacking neighbors with robbery. And resources are valuable sources of neutral cities. So do not sit still.

A campaign to have any chance of success, gather an impressive army. Monster Army game allows you to create groups of units such as Special units, airborne units, infantry and cavalry units. Impressive? That's right, the main thing to have the wisdom to manage it all!

An important component of gameplay - research. They help to uncover special abilities. Reducing it to vampires Bloodlust, Improved ability to fly, Mind Control and Improved Healing, and to the ability of the werewolves are ranked Reducing hunger strike Lupin, Howling Wolf, and Package tactics. Try to get these opportunities because you in the future! Proceed to the gameplay right now to secure a rich leisure! Good luck!


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