Alternative names: Heaven of Avior

Farm games immediately managed to attract the attention of gamers from around the world. Interactive, dynamic and exciting, they drag out seriously and for a long time. MoonStars game is not quite ordinary, but because it attracts attention. It is made in the genre of"farm", but differs from traditional projects. The fact is that in the game you have to interact with the real aliens!

Registration process in the project

All your moon adventures will occur in the browser. So you will not have to spend time searching, downloading and installing additional client programs. The project puts before you only one mandatory condition, without which you can not start the game in MoonStars registration. The Russian-language interface will make the registration process completely simple and very understandable. Your task is to fill in the registration form, located directly on the main page.

  • In the first line you will need to write the address of your current mailbox.
  • The second field is for a unique and reliable password.
  • To complete the registration successfully, write down your game login in the last empty line.

If the prospect of doing all of the above you do not like, you can go on the path of least resistance and just log in with a Facebook account. And if before that you had to deal with at least one project from the portal Plinga Play, then you can use previously registered data to enter the personal cabinet of MoonStars (Heaven Aviora).

List of the game

The project will meet you with a good-natured and very accessible training course. Lovely aliens will introduce you to the course of affairs, teach you how to use all the basic controls correctly. From your new friends you will find out that you were wrecked on this unfamiliar planet, and since the ship was badly damaged, you will not be able to return home soon. There is nothing to do - you will have to create a temporary camp for yourself.

Self in MoonStars it will be very difficult to play, so you should start with a set of team assistants. New robots from the factory Techno in the position of assistants will do the best. Together with your team of recruits you will have to clear the territory a little, put the existing buildings in order, build new ones.

To not bored, the game will regularly give you new interesting tasks. All missions are chosen in such a way that your development in MoonStars online was balanced and planned. For every conscientiously accomplished mission you will be guaranteed to receive rewards. And everything you need for missions can be purchased at the store. All goods here are divided into several categories:

  • new (all novelties are collected here - the range of products is updated regularly);
  • buildings;
  • production;
  • decorber;
  • resources;
  • important.

Main characteristics and resources

Game Aviator's Heaven is completely free. Although without virtual currency and certain resources, it is rather difficult to manage in it. The main resources, characteristics and monetary units, which constantly need to be monitored, look like this:

  1. Gold coins are the main currency. For them you can buy most of the goods from the store.
  2. Crystals are a more precious currency. They are needed to speed up the processes of construction and purchase of unique objects.
  3. It's impossible to play MoonStars iPlayer without smart techno robots.
  4. The speed of your development depends on the experience points.
  5. 100 Ether is a vital energy. Without it, you can not do any actions in the game.

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