Mount & Blade

Alternative names: Mount & Blade

Game Mount & Blade - a great representative of the genre RPG with "Soviet" cavalry bias. No secret of his creation, developers, family Yavuz did. Gamers can get acquainted with the project at all stages of testing. By the way, its outdoor stage started in 2005 from. At the same creators never for a moment forget about the game, constantly developing her additions and updates. Fans of the genre immediately noticed that something is preparing to scale - suitable for the official presentation of the game, able to turn the gaming world. Interaction with the players - that is, perhaps, the wisest solution for developers who want to make a project for the people!

Beginning in Mount & Blade play, namely, creating the appearance of your character and doing passage of the test, the results of which will continue to depend on the fate and the main characteristics of the hero, you can find some similarities with Project Oblivion. In fact, the situation is much more serious. This project represents a more than ordinary RPG toy. And if we compare the game with other projects, it will be much more appropriate to draw an analogy with the Corsair or the Pirates. What is true, in contrast to the above, M & B all the major events unfolding on solid ground.

In Mount & Blade history of events occurs in the territory of the fictional world called Calradia. Landscapes somewhat reminiscent of the Middle Ages. However, here you will not need to hide from prying monsters and fight horrible evil. Total game card consists of five kingdoms in which, if properly look closely, you can recognize Scandinavia, some countries in Western and Southern Europe, Russia, Mongolia. The protagonist will be traveling in the territory of Calradia entourage. And this storyline is only a minor element in large and complex system. Everything does not stop for a minute. It is noteworthy that in the Mount & Blade characters (at least most of them) are immortal. They can cater to various alterations, disappear for a while, goes to prison, but gamers should know that sooner or later they will come back to the game again, unharmed. It may seem that such a cycle characters tedious and uninteresting, but this is not so, on the contrary - it helps to better adapt to the game, becoming a part of it (all the on-screen face something familiar!

Gameplay starts after you can download Mount & Blade. In various locations to your hero will be given tasks and assignments. Missions can be quite different difficulty levels - whether to pass a letter, or kill a man as lucky. When to other people's orders you get bored, you can try your luck in commerce. With this turn of events, you do not have to spend hours exploring tags and especially trade, choose the direction of activity, and then the game itself will guide you on the right path.

Explore all features of the game can be more, seeing a descriptive video Mount Blade.


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