Alternative names: MoyaMafia

MoyaMafia online - free browser text strategic multiplayer role-playing game in which the players themselves act as administrators. Thanks to this online product you get a unique opportunity to create their own game. You from "A" to "Z" create gameplay events which will develop exactly as you want for you personally. The set of special tools will not only create, but also more and more to improve your ambitious project. As a result, interested him wandering in the networks of the Internet users. You also benefit from this solid. If you create a really good game, and still be able to advertise it properly, consider that profits are already in your pocket. Not necessarily be a genius to make money in the net. Start MoyaMafia play and see how easy it is to implement long-standing dream! Do not pass up such a tempting offer! Why act on someone else's script, if there is a possibility to dictate the rules?

Not only that, to you this original game, so it also is available without any restrictions. Inflated system requirements do not become a barrier between the thrilling gameplay and you. Enough to on the PC was installed Flash Player version 9. 0. Nothing will be downloaded. So when you have a computer average configuration and conventional modern browser, you can quickly dip into the criminal world. PRG create and control gang violence can immediately after you pass the MoyaMafia registration. Register an account is simple: Type the name of the game, login, password, email address, accept Terms and boldly press the "Create your own Mafia game! . "

Now, it is time to implement all his ideas. Clicking on the appropriate link, read the first guide and go! Take care of the attractive appearance of the games developed thoroughly all the details and invite your friends. Eventually play MoyaMafia your production will not only your familiar faces, but also completely strangers. Failing to prove your project, do not throw it in the lurch. Far to the free skins will not leave. So it is better to spend some money portion of the proceeds to purchase additional skins to My Mafia game has become even more attractive.

What is generally a game MoyaMafia? What was not immediately engaged representatives of the underworld! Gamers will be able to steal and machines, and organize all sorts of crimes, and come off at the casino, and create powerful families (clans), and to conduct an endless struggle for power, and if necessary take out loans, which make it easy to crank mischief. You, as the owner of the project, will closely monitor all the processes to decide what in your world will be allowed and what is not.

For those who undertake to play the game online MoyaMafia, the main goal - to increase the prestige and winning the championship of the same ambitious players. Follow your rating, you do not want to graze the rear. Indeed, in this virtual world, your fate is in your hands! Every owner of a game can chat on the forum and get pleasure from contact with intelligent people. Here you will listen to the wise advice and, and will express his opinion.

Let Your inexhaustible enthusiasm will help achieve the success for which you want and when you first visit the site of the game. Remember, only hard work can achieve the desired results. And let the first will not be all plain sailing, believe in your own luck! Dare, newcomers mobsters!


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