Multiverse Online

Alternative names: Multiverse

Multiverse Online - free multiplayer browser-based fantasy role-playing game style. This extraordinary world in which success can make anyone who will make at least some effort. You can create your own empire, to build an unprecedented power of the guild and take part in exciting tactical battles, demonstrating an enviable intelligence and courage. The game's plot is so full of various events, that after the first few minutes of gameplay, you can not come off. Besides built gameplay is unusual for such browser entertainment: here you can move from one world to another, rather than languishing in a confined space and contemplate the scenery bored. For example, you will discover the heavenly expanse vastness of the sea depths, tehnofenteziynogo postapokalipisa, zombie horror and other memorable places. And even if you linger a little longer in one of the worlds than expected, will not be bored. How many unexplored ways to go, which only meet unprecedented creatures with which only extraordinary people you will meet! Previously, it was permissible only in my dreams, and now, starting to play Multiverse, you do so unforgettable journey particle of daily leisure activities!

You have to check in the game Multiverse Online, in which you need to fill in the following fields:

- Username;

- E-mail,

- Password (with confirmation in the next line)

- Floor;

- Security code (with pictures).

Default to subscribe to our newsletter e- mail from the administration of the project, but a check that you agree with the rules should deliver himself. Multiverse Online registration ends by pressing the appropriate button. Now you can go into the universe Multiverse Online without any additional downloads and installations. Start with the first test of battle, and you will quickly become familiar in the hitherto unexplored virtual reality!

Multiverse game has high quality graphics, special effects beauty, detail each element of the game, the variety of worlds that lead users to the future, awesome battles on the mechanics of Match-3, the freedom of choice of tactics, the ability to change a character's appearance and as a whole. But despite all these advantages, the game not only does not require any subscription fees, so also very loyal to the computer settings. You can enjoy exciting adventures using average PC configuration. If only there was a modern browser - and having fun is guaranteed!

Before headlong plunge into the swirling around the incident, should understand the essence of the game itself. In the multiverse, where is an action game, extends crossworld kayadov Empire. As a new inhabitant of the magical land, join existing resistance forces and start a relentless struggle against merciless enemies. To overcome the aggressor you constantly have to look for allies, gather information, cares about decent arms, pumping characteristics of the hero. Play the game Multiverse - means to perform a variety of tasks, collect collection compete with similarly ambitious users as you do, earn a reputation, build and develop the castle contain its own army to take part in guild wars! In short, no peace! Be patient and be able to reach the dizzy heights! How do you become a master of the whole prospect of a fantastic city? Beat with an inexhaustible passion with mobs and other lords - and thank about you certainly will spread to all corners of the extraordinary universe!

Everything that happens in the game as if real. Even moving a character very similar to walking on the ground in the real world. And another nice surprise: no need to choose one of the offered classes, not knowing in advance whether you want scenario of his fate. You can Multiverse Online play, fulfilling their unique role vary depending on the mood, to be independent of any prescriptions.

Let all your expectations are met, because the project has been created exclusively for your enjoyment! Good luck!


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