My hospital

Alternative names: My Hospital

Game My Hospital create an advanced clinic.

Medical theme in the virtual world is not particularly developed, but because new items always attract attention. Most recently, the game My Hospital appeared for Android, but millions of gamers have already managed to get to know it. However, if you prefer to have fun on the big screen of your computer, this is also available. Lovers of medical simulators are offered a simple My Hospital registration. You can enter your name in a special field on the main page of the game or enter it through Facebook. We also want to please the players that the product is completely Russified, and therefore there will be no problems with understanding. It is designed for all ages, and will be interesting both to children and their parents. This is an excellent reason for each family member to develop their own clinic to periodically compare the results.

Perfect to doctor.

At beginning to play in My Hospital, at first you will be shown a short video. Imagine that you are a student who has graduated from a medical university before which all roads are open. Arriving home, you discover a package from his grandfather, in which he put the card and key. Having passed the path indicated on the diagram, you find yourself in front of a huge building of a medical center, and the key is just from it.

Dedulya in his letter informs that this clinic is now yours, and as a manager, you can make decisions about its arrangement. Yes, there are grandfathers! Since you are a beginner, not only in medicine, but also in a management position, you have a nice helper. She will lead through all the initial stages of the organizational process, telling and showing what needs to be done in order for the structure to start working.

  • Open registry
  • Receive the first patient
  • Please deliver the main existing cabinet
  • Have more staff
  • Grow medicinal plants
  • Start the work of the laboratory
  • Create your potions and vitamins
  • Send people to the right people
  • Expand structure
  • Customer friends

The learning process is long enough, and if you have never played similar simulators before, you will definitely not get into a dead end, when it is not clear what to do next. But even when the main process of active learning is completed, the assistant will not disappear, and will often throw up new information, advice or task. You have to work continuously, especially at the beginning, when there is nothing yet. As you play the My Hospital game, you will discover dozens of new diseases and find medications for them. But remember that for the recovery of the patient requires not only pills, but also a pleasant atmosphere. When a patient feels comfortable, his recovery is much more effective. Remembering this, try to create comfort in the rooms. To do this, visit the virtual shop and select the available items of decor.

What else pleases, players are not afraid of these scary names of diseases. In My Hospital iPlayer, they cause a smile rather than fear. For example, if a patient has a headache, he needs a collar doctor. Such ills as "slippery lungs", "ice palms" and "chili in the throat" will also be met. But to which doctor to send them, to be found out, because there are many hours of exciting gameplay ahead.

. Finally, I would like to mention one more pleasant moment hourly, players will send gift boxes. But you can not open them right away, but collect them in order to receive a more valuable gift later. You can also study the personal files of doctors and patients, and even see their thoughts and comments, which will help you understand what they need.


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