My Fantastic Park

Alternative names: My fantastic park

My Fantastic Park - free browser game that simulates amusement park. Imagine a bright, beautiful, filled with laughter and joyful squeal Area, where people come to escape from everyday problems. Everyone ever visited a place like this, and most likely more than once. You, perhaps, think that the game My Fantastic Park offers a virtual visit park and ride on the swings. No, if you want to try yourself or that swing - please. But users of this extraordinary game plans far-reaching and grandiose. After you turn up here not as a visitor, and the role of the director! You have to create your own amusement park and then, what fun it will be, how many of them will be, and what it can attract audience - depends only on yourself. Become more effort to make, the more attractive your creation for the people. But to attract children, growns and even the elderly - this is your main goal. What a pleasure to be on you, even if beautiful, and full of brilliant ideas of the project will not be popular, but the territory of your possessions will be deserted and gloomy?

Join in a game My Fantastic Park - a door to a world of fun and good humor. Filling in a few fields, you get the position of Director and to commence their first assignments. My Fantastic Park registration shall require the following information: name, password, e-mail server. In addition, you have to read the rules and agree to the Terms and Privacy Policy. Now you can enjoy the gameplay in the browser, even if your computer does not meet the high and the system parameters.

Starting to play the game online My Fantastic Park, you will find yourself on a deserted area of ​​the park. Here then will expand its activities. The first two aligned attraction - and this place is not so sad. Extension of one of them - and the first visitors look back with interest on new miracle that you are. Then, under your close supervision everything goes like clockwork. Division of the park into zones. Setting different attractions ranging from small and ending scale. Tent target shooting, dynamometer, playground, puppet theater - all this is just the beginning. Over time you will and oldtimer and the room of distorting mirrors, and a magician, and Space Shuttle, and roller coasters and horror road and race track. Why not a real paradise? And the owner of it all - you.

Try to dignify dominion your area. For example, gives you 200 units of sand track. Naturally, it should be used for the benefit, namely the right to lay track for visitors to the attractions. Do not forget to install more kiosks, they will certainly be in demand. Remember that you do, this is not for the sake of yourself and for the people. Your success vymerivaetsya exactly by how many people can be interested. As you know people so spoiled now and the benefits of civilization, so that they all serve the most spectacular!

My Game Amusement Park undeveloped so that the efforts invested back to you a hundredfold. After all, visitors do not just go there in droves, and pay for the pleasure park dollar that go in your pocket. Profit makes you self-confidence and a good incentive to improve their offspring.

To play My Fantastic Park you first need to feed. As without it build and develop rides? Resources are divided into four main types:

- Building material (stone, metal, paint);

- Parts (machinery, engines, electronics)

- The idea (creative ideas, plans, research);

- Nature (natural materials, plants).

Once the game Amusement Park requires raw materials, so there are ways of its production. How can we get right? Yes, very different, collect raw materials left by visitors, trying to guess the right cards laid out boosters, which may be lurking in sets of raw materials, complete assignments and move up levels in exchange for gifts, pick up materials during cleaning obstacles, as rocks and roots, play Wheel of Fortune. Besides, there is the opportunity to purchase premium currency (diamonds), which is exchanged for raw materials.

Start My Fantastic Park to play right now and realize that such interest is chock-full of gameplay elements. You will never be bored! Concerns about increasing factor entertainment attractions captivate so that the time passes quickly. Upjers company did everything for your enjoyment! So hurry same diligence to evaluate the creators!


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