My Little Farmies

Alternative names: My Little Farmies

Game My Little Farmies - an entertaining game browser. My Little Farmies online is building a farm. This game is available in ten languages.

In My Little Farmies profile presented on the main page. To register, you must fill in the following fields:

1. Enter your name. Can Cyrillic.

2. Write the password for your page.

3. Enter your e-mail. Then check that you have correctly written it.

4. Choose from the list that the server on which you want to play.

5. Then check the box next to the inscription, which states that you agree to the terms and privacy, which provides you with the site.

6. Then press the big red button "Play for free".


Building Games have great magnetism for all people, because life is not always enough time for these things.

In order to play My Little Farmies You do not need any powerful computer system parameters, it is important that your Internet browser, and of course, the most connected to the Internet. Pay attention to the fact that modern computer games work well if speed Internet and naturally there is no malfunction.

My Little Farmies you provide an opportunity to play from the beginning on a small plot of land. You will become a real farmer, because you have to do gardening, animal husbandry, crop production, in general, all those that only wish your soul.

My Little Farmies Online expects the following classes for you:

1) sown fields - you have to plant the plants, which is currently provided for you to access.

2) Watering - You need to water the plants withered.

3) Harvest - is a permanent procedure must be performed as soon as your culture ripe.

4) Flowers - You can also grow them for beauty.

5) Decor - these are different items that will decorate your farm area, fences, fountains, etc. You can buy them at the store.

6) Plant - using plants can produce expensive products.

7) Mill - here you can make out of cereal flour.

8) Kitchen - this is your opportunity to prepare delicious food.

9) Bonus - you get them, if you go every day to the game, for the placement of decor or for a bargain.

10) Ranks - you get these titles, for example, the cultivation of a certain number of vegetables or fruit.

11) Animals - you can buy them at the store. If you take good care of them, they will bring you even more points.

12) Orders - You get them on certain products. The nicer you farm and more likely you are using the upgraded facilities, the more you will have customers.

13) Friends - You can visit their farms, to bring together the various collections, shares her experience. Naturally, together with friends the game becomes much more interesting.


My Little Farmies - this is a game for growns and for children. Do not deprive yourself of pleasure, relax on a virtual farm!


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