Nano Farm

Alternative names: Nano Farm
Nano Farm game is one of the most popular online games in social networks. The history of the game is that one young genius who is interested in genetics, has built an amazing farm that can be grown hybrids of plants and animals. However, the genius can not foresee everything. During a severe storm, lightning struck the house laboratory and thereby destroyed it. Because of this, he has to start all over again. To resume razlomalis economy and its genetic laboratory young scientist needs energy. You can wait until it resumes automatically, or you can purchase commercial energy. To get the construction items, you will need to release adjacent to your farm area. Your aim is to create a scientist elixir of eternal life. To fulfill their dream, you first need to build a laboratory, and then achieve the required level. In Nano Farm game play you will build buildings, decorate your site, vyrubyvat trees and clear the area from stones. You will also perform in the next Nano Farm job type, plant culture, and raise animals. Nano Farm Game play online you will be in your lab, while you have to breed new crops that will bring more yield than conventional plants. You will also create your new decor. Online Nano Farm gives you the opportunity to expand its territory by buying the game near lying lands. When releasing the territory you can meet wild animals, as well as a snow man. You will need to chase them, and for this you will receive experience. Also in the game Nano Farm for free, you can gather a collection. In this game there are so many collections, but for them, you will receive their awards. To motivate your gameplay in the game Nano Farm provides you all sorts of quests, and with them you will always be much better. On top of the game Nano Farm should be noted that in this game there is something to see "Harry Potter", in fact your character. The only difference is that on his forehead scar no, but otherwise very similar to the famous Harry Potter. Golda Nano Farm - currency is the currency in the game. Of course, you have the opportunity to work for months on his farm, while trying to earn the most honest way. You also have another option, such as when you need them, you can purchase them on the official website, but for this you have to give for this service with real money. The game Nano farm there are several types of resources. In general, it is very difficult to distinguish among all of them the most important such without which you can not do without. So the main resource, without which you can not do, and simply can not be ignored is the game tree. If you are a true connoisseur of new technologies and are not afraid to reach these results, then this game is for you!

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