Navi Age

Alternative names: Navi Age

Game of Navi Age: a pirated story

Being a pirate is not an easy task. Constant pitching, strong rum, salted fish, an eternally disgruntled captain and treacherous friends-accomplices. And nevertheless, they offered to go ashore and become law-abiding guys, they quickly feed you sharks.

Game Navi Age, probably the most versatile browser game in which mechanics and the inner world have reached truly impressive sizes. The developers paid close attention to all the points, from the drawing of the details to the rigging of the ships and the characteristics of the characters. In the Navi Age to play and really interesting, exciting, exciting.

Release the anchor!

Even a player who never paid attention to the sea theme, will soon perfectly operate with such concepts as knippeels and mizzen masts, straight and oblique sails, foxes and warehouses. Over time, you can build your own ship. In the menu you will see its characteristics:

  • H-Parsa
  • Various sledge
  • The power of the oars
  • Type
  • Trim

There, you will find out how much material will go to build a battle vessel, and how much it will cost.

  • Pair
  • Sailors
  • Boards
  • Turn
  • Precision
  • Viral Attack
  • Privacy protection
  • Protection
  • Access to all the functions of the game the player receives when passed Navi Age registration.

    Having taken command of the ship, gain an intrepid command. Since browser games always need to develop something, the Navi Age iPlayer continues this tradition. The growth of indicators should be ensured to the ships and sailors, but the captain himself must not lag behind. If some qualities help during an attack, others benefit in defense and close combat. Sometimes, in order to sharpen one of the characteristics, it is enough to update the equipment.

    Battle or trade?

    The outcome of the battle will depend on how carefully and responsibly you have approached the choice of the crew and the ship, their equipment and training. After all, even Captain Hook did not rely solely on the strength of his fierce gaze and the sharpness of the hook, but was stockpiled with guns, gunpowder, sabers and pistols.

    Inattacking caravans and making skirmishes and exchanges with other players, try to arm yourself, not even to the teeth, but to the roots of the hair. Their fleet can have more ships that are perfectly protected and equipped with combat weapons, and the team is better trained, has more experience.

    If you understand that you have not yet matured for active action, it may be more profitable for you to start trading, to accumulate funds, strengths and abilities. There is no shortage of trade ports on many continents, and you easily establish contacts with them, transporting various goods for sale and purchasing the necessary resources. Offering valuable goods to neighbors, you can earn solidly, and the amount to start on what is absolutely necessary for you at this moment. And having reached the fiftieth level, it is possible to expand the fleet and appoint trade in an automatic mode. This frees you from constant cruising between the shores, freeing precious time for more vital, useful lessons.

    Developers have filled the game to the eyeballs with various opportunities to develop the story at their discretion. Interesting tasks of different complexity, colorful fights, magnificent landscapes, excellent graphics and communication of players online, just the tip of the iceberg. The rest you should study yourself, plunging into the waves of an exciting plot.


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