NavyField 2

Alternative names: Marine Field 2, NF2

NavyField 2 online - is a free online game, which takes place in the sea. Playing it you will have to become a famous captain and fight with different fleets that stand in your way.

NavyField 2 you can download without cost a lot of time on the official website of the game using any program you comfortable.

NavyField 2 registration is quite simple and will not take you much time to do this, you will need:

1. Login to the official website of the game;

2. enter your e-mail;

3. enter your login invented;

4. enter password coined;

5. tick the appropriate box on the agreements with the rules of the game;

6. tick the appropriate box, if you want the computer to remember your password.

Then you can immediately start the game by clicking the «Play».

NavyField 2 you can play a variety of ships ranging from frigates and ship-type ending Basmark.

Your character at the beginning of the game to choose from seven parties for which you fight, and from this choice will depend on your ship, it may be a battleship and submarine.

You will be involved in various battles, your task is to destroy as many enemy ships ..

NavyField Game 2 has the game modes:

• conventional battle;

• carriers;

• frigates and destroyers;

• battleships;

• operational convoy;

• blitzkrieg;

• great battle;

• night battle;

• assault port;

• mission.

Normal battle - in this mode, any player can join any of the proposed eight teams, but can fight only two teams, the winner is the team that inflicted the most damage.

Carriers - the mode in which fighting ships with equipment of aircraft carriers, the winner is the team that has completely destroyed the enemy.

Frigates - can participate frigate class ships, but due to the low popularity of this mode has been disabled.

Battleships - can participate battlecruiser class ships if the ships were damaged during the battle, the battle at the end they can be restored.

Operational canvas - open to all kinds of vehicles, the meaning of this battle is to deliver as soon as possible certain goods in different places maps.

Blitzkrieg - higher levels of ships involved, the winner of the enemy team immediately.

Great battle - ships are also involved high-level commands for automatic separation. Experience each player gets only at the end of hostilities, and the winner of the one who inflicted the most damage to the opponent.

Night Fight - A type of battle in which participate linkers and aircraft carriers, battle takes place in the dark.

Sturm port - involves two opposing sides, the main task to come as close as possible to the port and the opponent as much as possible to capture it.

Mission - different missions for each player, having them, the player receives a certain number of points.

Play NavyField 2 online and become a true captain of the Navy.


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