NBA 2K14

Alternative names: NBA 2K14

NBA 2K14 - sports, new basketball simulator. Game NBA 2K14 is released into the world not long ago, just a little more than a month ago. But since this is a large series fifteenth "show" only, respectively, with the improvements. Originally released version of NBA 2K14 pc, and plan to further the game will be available for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. It turns out that even in the future plans of the game will be available in version

NBA 2K14 android.

Only here to feel much gameplay if you can just download the game NBA 2K14. Here are just a start to advise that you have read the information provided to you and check out NBA 2K14 videos and screenshots.

Since any computer game has its own characteristics and size, which can not hold any computer, the manufacturers specify the necessary system requirements for a good passing game. But in the game NBA 2K14 system requirements are needed as soon as possible higher values. In another case, you just give it problems and inconvenience.

Creators, the company 2K Sports, decided Pocar real real fans of basketball and put on the cover of the game's greatest American basketball player LeBron James. He also appears in the game on behalf of his real team.

In-Game NBA 2K14 will participate in addition to the already available there and teams from Europe, in the amount of fourteen famous teams.

In this game you do not need to strain to battle against the terrifying monsters in your life, or to build a strategic step by step the whole chain to improve and increase the level of your gaming life. There is no such.

Here you appear as a player in one of your chosen basketball team. And the main and only - Your task is to play, hit, helping in the territory of the basketball field. It is such a kind of sporting combat, but without the cold weapons and unarmed combat.

Unlike previous games, this version has a few changes and additions

• Poumnevshie opponents;

• Improved atmosphere;

• Silly allies;

• Added commands;

• Improved graphics.

Poumnevshie opponents - their improved artificial intelligence.

Improved atmosphere - incendiary atmosphere basketball show, entertained during breaks charlidershi.

Silly allies - seen some stupid your team and you have to strain.

Added commands - as has been said, teams from Europe.

Improved graphics - high quality graphics, traced in detail the major players in the face and surrounding fans.

Also in this version is available recaps updated based on the results of the last transfer window. What adds even more realism for those who are looking forward to release a new version of the world.

Game NBA 2K14, as has been said, really happy fans of this series of games, quality graphics and relevant sound. Just like in reality. Sitting at their monitors screens you will cause a feeling of being on the basketball arena.

So proceed. Successful you play!


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