Need a Hero

Alternative names: Need a Hero

Epic Game Need a Hero

In the thirtieth kingdom, to the distant lands, the game Need a Hero was born. And not just a game, but a multiplayer browser in the genre of adventure and "three in a row."

Somewhere in a fairyland where milk rivers flow with milk and honey, there lived a king. He was a good ruler, and the people adored him. He had a beautiful princess daughter with a long scythe, ruddy cheeks, scarlet lips, clear eyes, gentle hands, good character.

And now unexpectedly came to the kingdom of misfortune. A terrible neighbor settled nearby terribly ugly, treacherous fire-breathing dragon. He ravaged the fields and destroyed the crops, destroyed houses, burned haylofs and stables, and once crossed all the borders, and in front of the glorious king stole his most precious treasure, the beautiful princess.

Having started to pull out the last hairs from his head and beard, chew the crown and beat the dishes, he issued a decree. Those who agree on Need a Hero to play and go on a dangerous campaign to a dragon castle, kill a monster of a terrible kind and save their only daughter, can count on royal mercy until the end of their days, half the kingdom, a fast horse and a princess hand.

Well done, got lats, swords and spears from the closets and chests, cleaned them of rust and, having received a blessing from the king-father, saddled some frisky stallions who had old nags and donkeys to go on a dangerous path. Many will lay down their heads in an unequal battle, but the people will reward them with eternal memory and compose legends about glorious exploits. And who will overcome the danger, traps and not be afraid of the charms of forest dwellers, he will receive everything and fame and a princess.

In the way, brave knights!

Hero arrivals, please come closer, Need a Hero is waiting for you to register. Nothing complicated, as usual:

  • Password
  • Name
  • Address mail
  • Access is possible through a social page

This adventure will be remembered forever, and the desire will appear, you can always repeat the campaign to the dark tower, covered with ivy.

Entering the mysterious forest with a faithful squire (or rather a shovel-carrier), prepare to meet its first inhabitants guarding the road to the dragon's fortress:

  • Scarecrow
  • Weights
  • Goblins
  • Minotaurs
  • Drakons

Each endowed with strength and ability, and attack without warning, but they are not without weaknesses. If you calculate them, you can effectively deal with the monster, using special tactics, and after the battle to get the three stars of the hero is the maximum. The number of stars is calculated taking into account your manipulations and accurate shots.

On each level, use available collections, bonuses and chips to meet with another opponent. If you manage to deal with a large number of various pumpkins, skulls, frogs and other elements, you will earn enough points to hit the monster. Help in the work and the book of spells that will enhance the effect of weapons.

More More Important

. For your assistant, there is also a job with his shovel, he will be engaged in the extraction of resources, for which he also receives an award. This will be an additional task in iPlayer Need a Hero that can be performed once per hour.

All awards and prizes are placed in the chest, and you can open it at the end of each level or task.

Periodically it is necessary to change equipment to increase the fighting ability of the knight. In the store you will be met by a greedy merchant, so it is better to go to him with an impressive amount.

Else enjoy:

  • Travel map
  • Getting bonuses and awards
  • Recognized music and vivid graphics
  • Spells from magic books
  • Meetings with many creatures
  • Participation in tournaments
  • Progress on ligam

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