Need for Speed ​​2

Alternative names: Need for Speed ​​2

Who among gamers with experience knows the game Need for Speed ​​2, being in Russia at the beginning of 1997 and received the Russian title "Need for Speed ​​2." This arcade racing simulator released at that time with improved graphics. Was noticeable detailing machines seriously drawn, the world appeared volumetric animated objects. So, if you remember, over a line or plane flying near the train passed. But all this splendor gamers stare not primarily - breakneck speed vehicles are not allowed to be distracted from the road. A game runs Nid odds Speed ​​2 offers six kinds and they were all circular. If you request online game Nid odds Speed ​​2 video, then seeing it can present level of computer graphics at the time and the gonyalka in general. For the full experience, you can without any problems Need for Speed ​​II download and install on your computer, to personally test this game. Especially that it is the system requirements on any modern computer.

The game Need for Speed ​​2 cars, which could use a player were as follows:

• McLaren F1,

• Ferarri F50,

• Jaguar XJ220,

• Ford GT90,

• Lotus GT1,

• Lotus Esprit

• ItalDesign Kala

• Izdera Komendatore.

When you started in Need for Speed ​​2 play, then saw that this game was withdrawn the police, and the developers have decided to increase the frequency of the possible mistakes made by an opponent, controlled by a computer. The very process of the race was much more dynamic and more complex: now shamelessly can undercut their opponents, trying to knock them from the track.

All of the above, as a whole, suggests that NFS2 game for the late nineties was pretty successful and received cheers from fans rated gonyalok road. But it was all in the past. And what now?

If you now hammered the phrase into your browser - download Nid Speed ​​2 form, then it can find the link to the official website needforspeed. com. Going there and selecting the Russian language, you will see that the game Need for Speed ​​II exists today. Only the current version of this game is called Need for Speed ​​Rivals and done it already on the engine, "generation next» Frostbite 3. Now, thanks to the existing system AllDrive combined single and collective modes of racing. This system allows you to erase the line between single-player and multiplayer. In the game there and the drivers and police. Each group has its own unique characteristics and abilities. You can play for any of these two classes. In this game you will have access to 26 different machines. A very important advantage of this game - it's freedom of choice. Only the gamer decide for themselves what and in what order he wants to pass. Selecting the next race at a time, or the usual racing hot pursuit for you. In the game a lot of other advantages. Since that visit the site, buy the game and chase your pleasure!


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