Need for Speed: Carbon

Alternative names: Need for Speed: Carbon

Series Game NFS is something famous and known around the world for each player, and even those who absolutely do not understand racing games and have voitelskogo skill, love this series of games. The game Need for Speed: Carbon part three high-profile projects. Story of the main character, which is presented to the public Most Wanted, has continued and in this part. A distinctive feature of this game is won by the police, as now was a little calmer. And here's what fans rejoice the very first version of the game, the creators decided to return the night mode racing competitions. Every car that is presented in the game for participants to Carbone choice, to some extent resemble the same legendary cars from Most Wanted. But choosing a car assortment is very large. This sports and miniature, and racing, and compact cars, Muscle cars and any many concepts. Now for the game participants have the opportunity to compete for the prize on himself to himself, and now dedicated team. The team may consist of players who are most different skills, why is significantly increased opportunity to gain victory in the competition.

In all, despite the fact that currently play Need for Speed: Carbon is prohibited while participating in drag racing, fans of extreme sensations have not abandoned the game, in addition to which, the creators decided to please those who love the game and returned favorite drift. There is another modification of the return to real mode simulator, which largely relates to the initial draft of the game. With all the injuries which you are able to put the car in the game look as close to reality. And the founders were able to add the probability of burning cars, which contributes to more realistic course of gameplay.

To start the game you are required to download Need for Speed: Carbon, and put the game client on sveem computer. In the project you will expect a lot of tasks and appointments, only difference from the previous installments will be that virtually any check will be carried out in a buried near the racetrack. Just wanted to mention that in the regime of the free ride was canceled.

In Need for Speed: Carbon free game for every participant has the opportunity to experience the most advanced cities in the streets, who developed the creators of the project does not stop with making the initial part of the game. Just look good deserves advertise Valley, which includes a number of innovations in this project. On sharp turns and incredibly powerful in Need for Speed: Carbon machine will give the newest cards unique flavor. In this game, even the smallest mistakes can cost lives, so you need to carefully monitor the situation. Fights are in the valley special attention. In confrontations there are two types of battles: from the beginning your character tries to approach as close as possible to the opponent, so that glasses are going faster, and after that perform the same actions your opponent. Learn all the nuances of gameplay possible, if you look for the game Need for Speed: Carbon video trailer!

Most of the participants in the game of course noticed that want to contemplate more brand new modes, however, set modes that already caught the fancy of quite the same way like. However download NFS Carbon is necessary for any player who respects herself!


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