Alternative names: NeverFate

Popular free browser fantasy game NeverFate online offers to participate in multiplayer battles, to improve his fighting skills, learn magic spells, perform game tasks, join different groups and even trade. To accomplish all this, you only need a computer with Internet access and set it one of the following modern browsers:

 Google Chrome version 5. 0 (or higher);

 FireFox 6. 0 (or higher)

 Opera 11. 10;

 Internet Explorer 7.

The first step on the way to an entertaining pastime - Join in the game NeverFate. And it consists of the following instructions:

1) your valid e-mail;

2) Proof of its validity through the receipt of the letter to the address code. Code will need to be copied and placed in the second page of the section Registration NeverFate;

3) The character's name, at the same time acting as a login to enter the game;

4) certain personal data. Be sure to include the actual date of birth, otherwise, upon detection of fraud, your character can be punished or even blocked. At the request can also be made to its present name, place of residence, hobbies, work, etc.

5) Gender of character must be the same as yours, because otherwise all will face the same lock. Here it will be necessary to determine the class of your future hero (warrior or mage).

Further it is necessary to get acquainted with the user agreement (you find it on the main page), with a clear conscience to confirm their acceptance of it and complete, so step NeverFate online registration. By clicking on the proper, located at the very bottom button, you move to the page "Parting" how you play the game online NeverFate. After reading, click on "Next" and get another farewell (but from local higher powers). And only after clicking on the button, you will finally start to play NeverFate.

NeverFate online game is a home to many different characters, but all of them have the following basic characteristics:

= Strength hero damage inflicted + capacity of his backpack;

= Agility dodge;

= Intuition quality critical strike;

Health = number of vital energy;

Mana = amount of magical energy

= Quality Intelligence hero magic damage inflicted;

= Luck luck in all aspects NeverFate online;

Charisma = ratio of the hero other creatures.

All a wide variety of knives, which you have to play the game online NeverFate, can be grouped as follows:

 Swords;

 Knives;

 Axe, ax;

 Dubina, hammers;

 Staves.

To become a master of some type of weapon, you need to develop these skills.

In the field of magic online game NeverFate boasts the presence of 14 classes, each of which may suggest to use unique items and spells

1. General Magic.

2. The Magic of Light.

3. Magic darkness.

4. Chaos.

5. Fire.

6. Earth.

7. Water.

8. Air.

9. Tree.

10. Metal.

11. Space.

12. Time.

13. Mental matter.

14. Physical matter.

If you can not decide what kind of class you like the most, surfactants can comprehend them all. But if you choose one thing, it'll be ace in this direction.

Do not hesitate: Play NeverFate - then spend their free time in a very entertaining fashion. Of course, in this brief review is not covered by a lot of interesting details, but read them you will be able to "Encyclopedia", located on the official website of the game. If you want incredible adventure and endless expanses of communication, join us!


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