Neverwinter Online

Alternative names: Neverwinter online

The world of fantasy is growing, offering players unusual scenes, mysterious worlds. Fans of such stories will immediately go to the dark labyrinths of dungeons for hidden treasures and ancient secrets that the game Neverwinter Online, based on the role of the fantasy product Dungeons Dragons. Forget any fear and defend the city of Neverwinter, participating in battles. You will need an excerpt, an excellent reaction, excellent possession of weapons and a desire to win. Behind each character is a real person, and the outcome of the battle will show who is better prepared for the harsh realities of this world. Excellent shows himself in hand-to-hand combat, owning the technique of attack and defense. He is courageous and fierce, and his sharp sword seems to have grown together with the master, becoming a natural extension. Well, massive armor turns it into an inaccessible target for enemy attacks.

Each character can change the course of events, battling bravely. And to become one of them, you need Neverwinter Online to download, try out the roles and choose the one that you like more.

We go to quests, choose a profession. When you come up with a task, expose it to other players. But, try to make it interesting, otherwise the low level will not pass the moderation.

Each can enter the rubric and select the quest, having studied its requirements: time of passage, complexity, reward, other characteristics. You can invite other participants to the passage, or go on a feat on your own. You can also find out the opinion of other players about him and leave your own by writing a comment and putting an estimate.

After the tenth level, choose a profession:

  • Alhimik
  • Leader
  • Manufacturer of armor
  • Weapons
  • Mixture

Give an errand to your henchmen, and while they are working on a new subject, you will be engaged in something else, for example, a battle with dragons.

Spectacular look at Neverwinter Online battles that take place between teams of 5x5 or 20x20. You can fight with players or monsters by selecting PvP or PvE battle type.


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