Next Machina

Alternative names: Next Machina

Next Machina game re-conquers the world.

Developer and publisher, Housemarque, in one person, presented in 2017 a dynamic arcade with a top view. The game Next Machina, with its constant movements around the locations, spectacular explosions, luminous lasers, as if throwing us decades ago, when a similar topic was at the height of fashion. However, all new, it is often just well forgotten old. Relying on this postulate, many with pleasure get involved in the offered history, young soul.

From the distant past in the age of XXI

It is not enough that to play the game Next Machina, this is both a move into the past, and the theme itself is in tune with the situation. Everything is unfolding in the world of the distant future, when technology has so firmly entered human life that people could not imagine a minute of existence without them. Once the robots regained consciousness, and realized how much they are stronger than their masters.

Reasonable always strives for freedom, and therefore the technique rebelled, and the war began. Every soldier in the ranks of people is worth his weight in gold, and therefore the more members of the human race decide to download Next Machina, the higher the probability of victory. On the battlefield does not subside hostilities. Machines set a goal to destroy us, so that to suppress the uprising to work hard. The battle lasts for 15 levels, and every time it is possible to advance further, new opportunities appear. But not only you become stronger, but also the enemy. One day you will meet a particularly strong opponent of the boss. Only by defeating him, you will be allowed to continue the heroic path further.

Of the weapon is a good set with different lethal forces:

  • Lasers
  • Power Installations
  • Pushki
  • Rockets

In the ranks of the enemy, too, an amazing variety, and you periodically see walking columns, moving fur or wheels. Of course, the attack power and the principle of action are different, so the weapon against them should also be used differently.

Starting at Next Machina to play, you must be ready to act quickly, but deliberately. This is a kind of test and training for a good response. Without it, it is impossible to survive in such a hostile world, especially considering its constant modifications. Seeing that the army of people is growing, progressing and fighting back, robots are also improving. The situation is complicated by the fact that the place for maneuvers is limited, and it is impossible to move to a safe distance. On all sides something explodes, moves, shoots, ignites. Just manage to react to a change in the situation and keep the battlefield under control.

Perf Next Machina reminds festive fireworks. And if you turn on the sound at full volume, then you will be absorbed by a gamma of sound effects, where shots, explosions, gurgling mixed up and God knows what else. The game also provides Arena mode, where you can go for the competition with other players. The more victories you have, the steeper your status, and the loans received are nice to spend on improving your skills and weapons. Players who have experienced fun, confess that the infectious gameplay quickly delays and does not let go. You can break away from it only by making efforts, but your thoughts still return to a bright, dynamic toy.

The authors once admitted that the project was inspired by arcades from the distant past. Creating their own version, they decided to keep the retro style, so this explains the visual special effects and control of Next Machina. It remains only to start the gameplay and go through several levels, joining the company of other gamers to add their own opinion about the product.


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