Next World

Alternative names: NEXT WORLD

Multiplayer browser-based online role-playing game offers NextWorld lost in the medieval world, namely, in the ancient town Elixir - mysterious and full of adventure for any pilgrim who craves them. In RuNet NextWorld online game has long been a popular and beloved, even received the status of "folk" ... and you've heard of her?
If not, register and find out yourself how the world is able to captivate NextWorld online.

It should be noted that this game is unpretentious: to run it you will need a computer with the operating system Windows, Internet connection and a browser.

In order to start playing NextWorld, you need to complete a simple registration of a game account. Registration of the game is to fill NextWorld standard form where you need to come up with a game login, take care of the password, enter a valid e-mail address and the verification code. After, pressing "registration NextWorld» letters and expect data account activation. Confirming what exactly you need to NextWorld online check, click the activation link and welcome to the reality of the Middle Ages.

Meeting with the game starting, of course, with the creation of his character. NextWorld online game in which there are four classes of characters - soldiers, guards, Mages and Priests. Each class has its own history and set of skills that are described in the special scrolls - choose a hero and a decent try on the status of resident of Elixir. Among the main characteristics of which are available for characters of all classes - agility and strength, intuition and intelligence, endurance, etc.

As for combat ammunition, buy it in the store (if you want to here and now). Or you can get new weapons and armor in the process of solving the game problems, together with the experience and points. To enhance the quality of your character will need runes - large list of special features, such as good or evil rune, rune stun or gain rune Phoenix. These runes you can get from shopkeepers, which in quite a lot. Money can be earned for this, speaking in the ring or simply fighting and defeating the enemy boss. Still there is the so-called "fighting for survival" - survival of the fittest player here, well and accordingly receives substantial reward for courage. You can also still the sweepstakes through bets earn - the excitement is also profitable. In general, opportunities for self-realization and replenish its gold reserves quite a lot.

Fair to point out to play the game online NextWorld does not mean that all the players here will be associated only with war and violence. For a more peaceful character, wanting to live in peace and good, there are lots of other activities, such as economic activities (trade berries, herbs and mushrooms), research (alchemy and healing), work (work as a logger or miner).

Also playing NextWorld - it means to exist fully and comprehensively develop. Your character will be able to participate in public life, to be an active member of the guild (equip territory and construct buildings), making friends and finding a soul mate, start a family. Speaking of which, the game has a registry office - here you can apply for the desire to register your gaming love, then go through all the stages of the wedding ceremony and only on completion of the test the strength of your couples to marry.

In short, play the game online NextWorld - it means to live fully only in a different reality, more mysterious and unpredictable. Variety of events and story quests, group battles, player vs. player duels and unusual tournaments (such as "Every Man for Himself"), as well as stunning graphics, captivating stories and real communication with like-minded people - all these clearly stands out against the background of the game NextWorld other browser themes fantasy role-playing games. In NextWorld play - it's great!


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