Need for Speed ​​Underground 2

Alternative names: Need for Speed ​​Underground 2

NFS underground 2 game is a computer game about racing, in which you can play not only on your computer alone, but also on the network. This game belongs to the arcade racing simulator and is a continuation of Need for Speed: Underground.

Need for Speed ​​Underground 2 - a game for real lovers of racing. In the game's plot laid tuning for cars that are involved in street racing.

Throughout the game will appear in front of you about NFS underground 2 video. These videos reveal the plot of the game, introduce you to the rules.


Download Need for Speed ​​Underground 2, you can at any site that provides this feature. Also, the game NFS underground 2 you can download via torrent, popular file downloader.


In the computer game NFS underground 2 Russian cars are available only in the European version of the game, in the American version of the Russian car is not.

You will play NFS underground 2 races in the following feasts:

1) Ring - this is the easiest type of racing and it is considered traditional. Your task here is the first to complete the last lap racing.

2) Sprint - a type of races, in which you need to get the first item from the first to the second.

3) Drag racing - a race for a short distance. During it you need to respond quickly to shifting, it does not bump into other cars and objects and most importantly - it is to finish first.

4) Drifting - a type of races, in which you need to score more points than your opponents. Points you'll gain during drifts, but the important thing is not to crash into the fence. In drifting attended four riders.

5) Street X - is a circuit race enhanced complexity. By what route you drive is not known. In this type of racing you can not use an additional accelerator.

6) Professional League - is a versatile ring races, they are assigned special routes.

7) free ride mode - In this mode you can go to any number and any track. The main thing in these regimes refrain from collisions. You can also draw in this race other drivers.


The game Need for Speed ​​Underground 2 you drive in such areas

1) City - this is the usual fictional town of Bayview, which is similar to modern Los Angeles.

2) Airport - is a simple area over which constantly fly airplanes.

3) Beacon Hill - is a remote place in the game.

4) Height Jackson - this is an unusual area, but here are constantly racing.

5) Corner Harbor - is an area that is divided into several parts: the western and eastern.

During the race you will drive during different weather: rain, snow, and just sunny weather. Races will be held, both day and night. You will be invited to appear in various magazines for winning races.

The game Need for Speed ​​Underground 2, you will play on behalf of Rachel Teller, the 27 year old girl.

Start your exciting journey into the world of incredible drift Need for Speed ​​Underground 2. Suppose you get lucky and you will become a true racer invincible.


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