Need for Speed ​​World

Alternative names: Need for Speed ​​World

Game Need for Speed ​​World is a massively multiplayer computer game about racing and refers to the game series Need for Speed. This game is developed by EA Black Box Company in 2010.


Download Need for Speed ​​World, you can from any site on which such access is provided. Also NFS World and you can download via torrent, known different boot files.


In game Need for Speed ​​World machines are divided into three classes. Each of the machines has three characteristics:

1) speed - shows how the machine speed.

2) acceleration - how fast the car can accelerate on the gas.

3) handling - an indicator of how the machine is easy to operate.

All these parameters can be increased during the game for a certain amount.

In NFS World car you can buy for a special in-game currency - SpeedBoost. It can be calculated not only for cars but also for other items.

SpeedBoost - this game currency, which you can only buy for real money. Items that you can buy using SpeedBoost, specially designated.

Before you start playing, you need to see about Need for Speed ​​World video. These videos introduce you to the rules of the game and the basic features of Need for Speed ​​World.


In the online game Need for Speed ​​World you will play in several cities, which are taken from previous versions of Need for Speed.

Here dynamically change the time of day. In dependence on the time of year, the developers change the game design: the New Year, the territory covered by the snow and hung garlands, and all are placed on Halloween pumpkins and scary things.

In-Game Need for Speed ​​World has the following types of races:

1) Private - this race, which compete with your friends or other riders.

2) Antipolitsiya - this race in which you engage against the police. In it you can participate independently or together with other racers.

There are also other types of races:

1) sprint (sprint) - a type of race in which you have to go faster than the opponent in the last round.

2) circle (circuit) - is the standard type of races, in which you have to come faster opponents.

3) the pursuit team (team escape) - a type of races, in which you need to beat his opponent at a certain distance.

4) venue (photo mode) - this is the race that offer you sponsors. Your task is faster than his opponent to come to the venue and get your winning prize.

5) treasure hunt (treasure hunt) - a new type of racing.

6) chase (escape) - this is a race in which you engage against the police.

7) straight (drag) - it is a race for a short distance. During her time you need to switch gears and do not bump into objects that occur in the path.

Game World - a modern racing game, in which you can test yourself as a real racer.

Perform complex mission, participate in races, put in the game Need for Speed ​​World hundred percent. Win the respect of friends and opponents fear


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