Ninja Saga

Alternative names: Ninja Saga

Game Ninja Saga: Naruto is back with us

If you are a fan of the anime series about Naruto Uzumaki, it's no surprise that your pulse accelerated at the sight of a browser MMORPG toy about his new adventures. Let the game Ninja Saga is not like the original story of the animation product, but all the key figures are present and periodically join the detachment of the protagonist.

The game process can be divided into two components: battles on the one hand, and quests, trade, communication and exploration of space on the other. This makes the game diverse, and since everything happens against the backdrop of incredibly colorful landscapes, you will receive a huge portion of color therapy.

The style of anime suggests a lot of special effects, and you can be sure - Ninja Saga to play, using different tricks, is at every step. Even the game screen always looks bright, colorful icons with indicators of the level of the chakra, skills, skills and other data or control buttons.

Personages and Ninja Schools

You can get to the world of Naruto after activating your account, which is preceded by Ninja Saga registration. In the field, enter your e-mail, password, and confirm it again. Then agree with the user agreement and click"register". Or use another option to sign in via Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and VKontakte.

Beginners are offered a modest choice: a girl or a boy. But by going through the game stages and carrying out missions, new faces will be available, more mature and skillful. In your team, you can even invite Naruto, Sakura, Kakashi, Sasuke and Iruka.

Glasses are classified into three combat schools:

  • Taijutsu. In this direction, emphasis is placed on training counterattacks and blocking enemy attacks.
  • Ninjutsu. Students are taught to break through enemy blocks and inflict heavy damage on them.
  • Genjutsu. This school instills in the students dexterity and flexibility, allowing to avoid the enemy's attacks, quickly moving and making unexpected attacks himself.

Each direction has advantages, but there are also drawbacks, and all points should be considered, exposing the players on the court before the battle. Experience in this will come gradually, because a simple description does not give the whole picture of the talents of the characters. Only after experiencing them in battle, one can recognize aspects of each characteristics.

Magic of quests and battles on the principles of schools"Jutsu"

Before fighting it is necessary to put together its"gang", and the choice will help describe the characteristics of the characters, drawn opposite the portraits on a special screen. The battle itself is conducted in several stages, and you yourself direct your characters, using different techniques and super-attacks. To score more points will help QTE, if you are smart enough when the screen pops up the image of a certain button, you need to find it on the keyboard and rather press.

In order to improve the quality of the characters, the tasks assigned to the Hokage will help. All of them are dangerous and connected with fights. Having reached the necessary point, be prepared to meet with the villains, who often belong to the organization of the Akatsuki.

Dogo you do not have to search for a destination if you use an automatic navigation system that will take you comfortably and quickly to the place.

Minoviv 22 level Ninja Saga, you get to the Arena, where the most spectacular PvP battle takes place. At first, the system itself selects opponents in accordance with your rating, which consists of: the composition of the group, the level of pumping things, the scale of skills.

By summarizing, you can safely call the game first-class in its genre. Fans of anime and browser RPG will be delighted, especially since it is Russified.


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