Nords: Heroes of the North

Alternative names: Nords: Heroes of the North
Igra Nords: Heroes of the North - become a hero of the North.
V genre MMO strategy game appears Nords: Heroes of the North (Northerners: Heroes of the North). Once on the icy lands of this country, you will encounter a terrible evil that settled these latitudes. Become one of:
  • Elfov
  • Orkov
  • Vikingov
Pust before there was a war between them, and this is not going smoothly in the harsh realm, but today's enemies much more evil and bloodthirsty, to further indulge their petty disputes. It's time to unite for a serious battle, gathering an army of the best warriors. Then came the moment of truth, when the Nords: Heroes of the North play - a great honor for every gamer who wants to prove his loyalty. By combining human ingenuity, strength of orcs and the elves' magic, heroes have come together in alliances, in order to more effectively reflect the attacks of evil spirits. You prepared for the important role - taking responsibility, raise armies to a new level.
Trudny way of the warrior.
Pervye steps to restore the kingdom must be done immediately when the Nords: Heroes of the North registration. Choosing an attractive race, study the situation from within. It is sad, but the country is in complete disrepair, and we must roll up their sleeves, beginning to work. You are waiting for PVE and PVP battles where enemies become virtual monsters and real players, decided to test their strength and your battlefield.
Ne be afraid of fights, because they hardened characters gain experience and strength, improve skills and get useful artifacts. Picking up at your party the best fighters, can not be afraid of frequent failures and temporary - only hardened character. In addition to numerous exercises on the battlefield will be a more peaceful occupation - the development of the kingdom. Mining operations - a necessary condition for the construction of houses and industrial buildings. Develop mines, develop a mushroom garden, do not forget about the brewery and fishing hut. For armies need special training grounds and barracks, as well as important equipment:
  • Perchatki
  • Oruzhie
  • Shlemy
  • Kolchugi
  • Bronya
Vy can perform important tasks, and choose from the menu: Goals, adventure and search for villages. By selecting the purpose, you agree to the rapid foray into enemy territory and complete the plundering of its resources.
V adventures you will be sent to the mission, giving the exact coordinates and job conditions. Only fully executing it, you can count on the new.
Esli decided to go in search of villages, to be a dangerous trek that does not necessarily end your victory. Here it is necessary to capture the settlements, to establish their dominance over them to constantly acted income from their production and developments in your coffers. players can only encroach on such an event, which managed to strengthen their positions and to build up enough power. iPlayer Nords: Heroes of the North shareware. This means that all of the nuances of the game available to you for free, but there is a VIP-features that allow for real money to buy a supplement to rather increase the level of heroes and armies. At a certain sum available to buy useful items, missing so at first. In addition, the army bought more viable - carries fewer losses in the battles, effectively robbing and attacking neighbors. These points are only for impatient gamers who want to get all the benefits sooner. But without money, you can self-feed to get all the improvements - should just be a little patient. But rather to gain experience and advance in the game will help to alliances with other players.

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