Nova Raider

Alternative names: Nova Raider

Nova Raider online - browser-based multiplayer role-playing game is a fantastic free model. Current Events MMORPG evolve in real time. Just imagine yourself in the role of the vast galaxies erring pilot who runs away from the raid ennemy hoping to escape and find their home planet ever. How then should be a pleasant return to the embrace of the mother-planet and the feeling that you finally found its home. But as long as you balance in weightlessness in your spaceship and ahead of many dangerous adventures, which have to go through. Wherever you kept course, does not work with the pirates escape meetings and hideous monsters. But armed to the teeth, making every effort to improve your ship and with the support of people like you and wanderers, you get all the chances to arrive safely to your destination. And let it be given an incredible valuable, but then you are doubly appreciate that unique happiness to be home!

To play the game you need to Nova Raider computer average configuration and Internet connection. The creators have tried to make the project available to users, so fundamentally overstated system requirements. All that is needed to be in the virtual universe - this Nova Raider record. In addition, the process is fairly simple. Join in the game Nova Raider requires filling such fields as the user name, email address, password, and server selection. You should be aware that creating an account, thereby confirming the acceptance of the user agreement.

So how to play Nova Raider, need a ship, you make your choice even at the start. So, you are offered the following types of space units: Balanced (planet), R aider (Done), Tank (defense), Support (healing), Trader (trade). Each ship their specific capabilities that match the destination. Think what you will enjoy doing and select the desired option.

Nova Raider online game provides different variations of executable actions. And you will enter into a brutal fight and defend against pesky monsters and perform commercial transactions, and collect valuable resources, and participate in special operations, and try not to miss important events. Events are different activities. For example, Halloween, Christmas, etc. § Facebook users available to contribute to the operation named "New Star Raider». And how many quests cooked game Nova Raider! Upcoming cooperative task not impossible soschitat. The key to success - cooperation with other players. After joint efforts require not only the coming of the mission, but a showdown with all-powerful bosses. Team play is optimal in this unpredictable world.

Users can take the opportunity to buy a star in the bank within a set. With this purchase you will have a number of bonuses, which itself simplifies difficult tasks.

The game has a lot of opportunities to earn. We will establish one of the most beneficial examples. Sometimes happen in the universe splits and through time portals unidirectional penetrate any monsters and worms. And for killing the worm once you get five stars. Adventure dangerous but profitable!

Since you undertake Nova Raider to play, you need to constantly monitor the condition of the ship. Indeed, improving the chances of winning increase. Each spacecraft has a CPU. It improves production and damage drone support. Also there are indicators uvorotlivosti (how many missiles aimed at you pass by), accuracy (your shots that will get to a point) and critical chance (the chance of contact critical strike). A critical strike in turn indicate that the enemy get twice as much damage than from the usual shots.

To give the players an incentive, there are a whole system of ranks and ratings. And only on yourself depends on what place it will occupy. Creators care about your comfort. Mini-map and the global map of the world is well thought out and clear. The transition from one to another is not a problem.

Dear players, if you have long pulls EVA and uncontrollable desire to lead an active lifestyle does not allow to sit still - this game is sure to your taste! Try it yourself! Good luck!


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