Odin Quest

Alternative names: Odin Quest

Odin Quest online - free browser is a fantastic role-playing game, the contents of which echoes the stories of Scandinavian myths. The project is owned by Youjoy. The creators have done everything possible to make you satisfied. Schedule the game at the highest level, the gameplay is rich and well balanced, bright world of detailed and memorable. Impressions of the game are really long, it's not every day you get the opportunity to visit such a fascinating world that was previously available only to the gods. But now ordinary people lead their war here, as before the gods did it. However, although people feel and become true masters here, the gods have reserved the right to control events on the locations where you are and will become Odin Quest play. You will have tremendous competition, dangerous journeys, fierce battles and mass quest assignments on various subjects.

In order to plunge into the maelstrom of exciting adventures, you need Odin Quest registration. To create an account, you tell information such as user name, email, password (repeat). In addition, you should be aware that the registration in the game Odin Quest implies acceptance of the rules and a check mark in the right place worth automatically.

Nice that Odin Quest online game differs relatively modest system requirements. In the presence of a modern browser and Internet connection, you can enjoy the gameplay, even if your PC does not have high settings.

Before you start playing Odin Quest , you must decide on which side you want to fight. Eternal theme of good and evil, and touched the virtual universe. Here you can take either a light or dark side. Then you need to choose the most appropriate class from the following list: hunter, killer, mage, warrior, priest. In the role of a lawful occupant, you can experience all the events which were prepared script.

If you're brave enough, go on a treasure hunt in deep wavy plain. This is the place where you store the untold wealth, protected by the gods themselves. From time to time send alliances fighters who volunteered to pass this difficult test. The risk of course is great, but quite justified. With a little luck in front of your alliance have new perspectives. Exciting adventure and will participate in the battle for ownership of the city Medegeyt. The spectacle of mass grinder will amaze even the most sophisticated. After all, the chance to become chatelaine Medagate, get into the city center and take possession of the statue no one wants to volunteer to miss. Therefore, each participant is willing to fight to the last, and in one battle can sometimes converge hundreds of heroes. Well, if it seems a little thrill you straight into the arena. Just be aware that this is a place where the gods had competed, and the common man should not meddle here, if it is not fully confident in their abilities. Contractions are not comic, all worthy opponents and just do not intend to give up on your grace. So decide for yourself what to do, because this competition is not for the faint hearted.

Game Odin Quest differs spacious locations. And is available for all areas of research. Bonus is the ability to use mounts. Pet is useful not only as a means of transportation, but also help to survive in combat. Plus much fun together! Come on! Towering, dungeons, seabed allow fully quench thirst for adventure. Besides, you will not wander aimlessly through the magical world. On the way there is a huge number of jobs, the fulfillment of which brings its reward in the form of useful items or weapons. A type of safety equipment helps to survive in critical situations, of which there are known is full.

You will be able to make their own experience how addictive it is interesting occupation as soon as you start to play the game Odin Quest . You look would expect a free moment to be at the computer. Play fun, let your spirits will always be at the highest level!


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