Alternative names: Odyssey

Odyssey online - is a free online browser game in the form of strategy. Playing it, you can learn many interesting things about the life of pirates, dive into the world of adventure.

Here you can meet as adventurers who are interested only in gold, and scientists are trying to find answers to questions that arose many years ago. And as you may encounter with the mercenaries, who dedicated his life to hunting down pirates.

In Odyssey registration is quite simple and will not take much time to do this you need:

1. visit the game's official website and click the "Register";

2. enter your e-mail;

3. enter your login invented;

4. enter password coined;

5. Repeat the password again.

After registering you can safely go into the game and start creating your character. At the beginning of the game you get your hands on a small island where you need to build a building for self-defense and the manufacture of various products and supplies. You will need to learn how to build ships or hire specially trained for this people, because the ship is your business card and a means of earning.

Play Odyssey you can pirate, and you will be able to capture the rock inhabited by other pirates, you can take them to your team.

You will need to build a building for the growth of your economy, can sometimes miss the land for development, then you will have to grab new lands. Economic building will provide more resources and at the shipyard you can build ships much higher.

Game Odyssey has two cards:

• map of the island,

• map of the world.

Map of the island - here you can follow the buildings on your island, the development of trade and ships, the expansion of your possessions.

Map of the world - here you can learn the location of the other islands and rocks your opponents.

Odyssey game gives you the opportunity to join in the various clans and guilds, joint attack enemies, loot and destroy their settlements.

For an easy victory over rivals you need to build a research center that will allow you to build new ships, to help you create your invincible navy. One interesting feature of the game is to abolish the construction, if you for some reason decided that the construction of a building you do not need it at any time, you can cancel it, and all the resources spent on its construction back into your coffers. You can manage all your own constructions and fleet, or hire people who will help you in this matter.

Odyssey, you can play as yourself or together with friends, we will be able to create its overall fleet and capture maximum rocks and islands.

Just like other online games Odyssey has its own fleet and chat, where you can not only communicate with your allies, but also to ask questions that you have during the game.

Play Odyssey online and dive into the world of exciting adventures with the pirates of the seas.


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