Alternative names: The New Order

Ogame Online - browser-based multiplayer online game from the known to many fans of the genre of Gameforge.

In this game, the character acts as the master of a vast interplanetary empire, which most certainly requires development. For the prosperity of your empire you need a peaceful or warlike ways to expand his empire to other planets, engaging in intrigue or alliances with other interplanetary States.

Due to its format online game Ogame gained a lot of fans, and it means that online it is always a great and stable, which is rarely said about other browser games.

Concept " games " currency in Ogame simply absent. Here the role of Finance regularly perform a variety of resources. Accordingly, all trade, which provides spaces for online game Ogame, implemented through the exchange of these same resources. Barter is a great contrast to the market economic system in the majority not only online but also offline games.

Join Ogame game is simple and straightforward. You must fill in personal information, specify the account name, and then activate it via your email. As you can see, the registration Ogame not take much of your time and do not spoil the enjoyment of the process of conquering the universe.

Ogame online game, the highlight of which is the concept of strategic focus - namely, its lack of any division or class characters on a professional basis. Mining resources, putting them in the development of a planet or fleet, you get special glasses through which raise their own level.

Interestingly, the interface and model kootorye online game Ogame contains enough interactive. For example, the planet, buyout, you develop from a shapeless block of stone turns to the galactic center of civilization, gathering all sorts of buildings and getting more aesthetic shape. Building, by the way, can also be improved, for giving this particular surprising number of resources. Each such improvement increases the efficiency of a structure depends on its tasks.

So you started playing the game Ogame online planet operates correctly and you are ready to begin the conquest of space. To do this, you can not do without the shipyard, with which you can assemble and lead their interplanetary fleet. Each spacecraft in the game Ogame is unique not only in appearance but also has unique abilities and combat characteristics.

Limit on Number of ships in your fleet of space is not available, this does not make sense to you absolutely anywhere in a hurry, and so much better to build a starship as it is practicable to do, and then you can safely play the game online without fear of Ogame surprise attacks and instant blitzkrieg.

It should be noted that the New Order itself - quite a difficult game. Need to give it enough time, and for each solution approach with conventional extrinsic players seriously. After all, no kidding, every wrong step taken, it may be the last one for your planet. And it is on this play Ogame so interesting and exciting.

But if you think about it and I think an experienced player by virtue of any achievements in this vast world, consisting of hundreds or even thousands of universes. New Order - is among bison browser fantastic games, this veteran of the genre, rightfully won their trust with millions of players worldwide.

If you do not have enough adventure and cosmic expanses beckon your eyes, you should not interfere! Ogame - a chance for strong players to prove that they are the strongest! And are you able to take up this challenge, and to discover all the charms of the world ogame, play and win in more and more new kosmecheskih fights?


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