Alternative names: Oloko

Oloko online - fun, colorful, eventful multiplayer strategy game that brings users into a fun fantasy world where you can make any foolishness. The image selected at the start of the animal, you will be full host you in a designated territory. Your task - to build their own possession, indulge in your favorite things and just live happily. Oloka game excludes any boring frames behavior. Here you will do those things which are before, and never dreamed of. Want to fry chewing gum - it is quite possible. I wanted to cook hamburgers smelly - well, so who forbids? Took it into his head to bake a cake giggles - go for it! Or maybe you've decided that it's time to start to grow crops of useful plants, well, at least, and bananas - quickly get down to business and soon will be able to put their goods on sale. Also, what you intend to do so pleasant things, you will be able to communicate with their newfound friends. In Oloko Online is well developed social component, and you are bound to meet people who are close to you in spirit. Moreover, each player is available to join the group to solve their problems together with his comrades. You will enjoy a lot of problems - do not waste much time to waste!

To become a resident of the incredible world, you need to register Oloko. Create an account is so simple that you implement this procedure in just a few minutes. Step through the following steps: select the desired floor, enter the user name, create a password, provide your email address and re-enter it in sdeduet line. Finally accept the user agreement, ticking. Subscribe to news provided by default. Now you can play Oloko directly in your browser. Installation is required. Bonus is the modesty and the system requirements of the game - they really minimal. This means that the gameplay will be able to enjoy everyone.

Before you free, interactive Oloko game that children play without problems and which often addicted growns. Believe that and you'll find a lot of advantages of the project from the very first minutes of gameplay. What will the character? First, you have a castle and it should develop. Do you have an excellent chance to build everything on your own way. Secondly, it will be useful to farm. There are many species of animals, which is available to contain. And still you must sow the vacant land and wait for the harvest of useful plants. Thirdly, it helps to establish trade relations. This will have contact with other players. Fourthly, be mastering professions. No matter whether you work attracts farmer baker or cook, efforts on to master the skills of the profession, you still need to spend. As they say, without difficulty, do not pull the fish out of the pond. Starting Oloko play inexperienced newcomer gradually you will conquer level after level and becoming more confident. By the way, and richer, too. After the transition to above the previous shifted to the Left supposed to pick up some awards, which undoubtedly simply can not but rejoice. Did you have time to think, that worries too much, and for example, small children will learn the basics of gameplay. But this should not worry. Everywhere on gaming locations are many NPCs , who are willing to tell what to do to help out in a difficult situation, channeled. Even children 6 years of age understand what's what!


Prepare an unforgettable journey, dizzying adventure and just an amazing variety of the wizarding world will please you every minute. You will never regret for choosing this fun! We can only wish you good luck!


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