Operation 7

Alternative names: Operation 7

For all fans of the game in the style of «Counter-Strike» Korean game developers have created a successor Operation 7 online. Formation free-2-play (free) online game Operation 7 is a multiplayer shooter (or in our "shooter") in the first person with the classic division into two teams. Russian version of the game is already represented on the Internet and is fully adapted.

System requirements for the game, the list of which provide developers and knowledge will help you without any problems playing online game Operation 7 as follows:

• OS: Windows XP, 7, Vista

• Pentium IV processor 1. 8 MHz

• RAM -1 GB

• Geforce4 MX440 graphics card or ATI Radeon 9200

• 2GB hard disk space

Join in the game Operation 7 is not a big deal. The account is created on the official website, for this you will need to enter a standard dataset

• unique login (username)

• valid e-mail address

• generate and confirm the password

Then you get to know and accept the user agreement and tested: count the red target on the picture and wish to subscribe to a newsletter. This, in fact, and will be completed for you to Operation 7 online registration.

Once you activate a link to your account and make sure that the registration Operation 7 is really successful, you have to download and install on your computer the game client - a program that will optimize your Internet connection and deal with the various bugs. You can download it at the game site on the download tab. For user convenience, the program can be downloaded in three ways:

• directly from the website

• torrent

• or using the program Game Manager

Now you can enter the game and engage in the creation of the character.

Of course, the genre of the game does not imply any complicated settings and a variety of choices of appearance, class and other items of personal identification. You simply select the picture and link a part of the body - the face, torso and legs. Next to start playing Operation 7 will need to select a channel - is a portal that takes you to the appropriate location. So example, for beginners, it is desirable to select the first channel on which you join the same "greenhorn" as themselves. Just four channels: one for experienced warriors, the third for the clans, the fourth - the universal (for everyone).

Thus, a character created where an indicated. Now you need to pick up an arsenal and ammunition. For weapons go to the store - there has a great variety. Special weapons for the assault, for snipers, edged weapons (what you wish), rifles, shotguns and pistols, heavy artillery in the form of machine guns and rocket-propelled grenades and more. A distinctive feature in the use of weapons - the ability to partially replace or assemble individual parts for weapons.

Well, it would seem, we can already start in Operation 7 to play, but that's not all. Now you need to go to the camp for training. There popularly explain and show you what's what in the combat system, as well as give a couple of tips tangent further participation in the game. And only after that you can go to play the game Operation 7 online.

At first, do not rush adjacent to clans better to replay several levels, so to speak, to get the hand. Then you can join the stronger players, but with you here well ask - fighting between the clans are especially fierce. By the 12th level, if you will have enough money, you can create your own clan.

Operation 7 online game is not very complex mechanics: pass level - you get bonuses and resupply weapons, successful shooting - in a piggy bank money and experience. By the way, were fortunate to fire, before the battle there is an option "Choose Your Weapon" (for themselves and for the opponent), so you'll know exactly what to go.

Operation 7 online game, in which there is a system of ranks - there are three staff to rise to the rank of each, have a lot to run. Well yes, it is, and first-person shooter to run and shoot. So arm and go for the military orders!


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