Order of Magic

Alternative names: Order of Magic

Order of Magic in the best traditions of action

At the fans of massive battles, fantastic special effects and dynamic actions, the Order of Magic game, released in 2010, is already familiar. This is a classic product with multiplayer gameplay in the genre of action and the use of melee and ranged, different types of weapons and magic.

Developers have given it the most advantageous features, making it bright and exciting, without complicating the principle of control for players. Those who have experience in such amusements can easily become comfortable here too, since in order to play in the Order of Magic, one must manipulate:

  • Four keys: WASD to move the hero
  • Mouse block and strike
  • Mouse wheel to change the magical and physical attacks

Will territory and get acquainted with its inhabitants

After completing the Order of Magic registration, you will find yourself in the magnificent, mysterious lands of Astarma. For a long time there have been disagreements between the ruling powerful clans: the House of Founding and the House of Migurath. Everyone asserts their undivided right to absolute power, and they can be recognized by their traditional attire: representatives of the Foundation are dressed in blue clothes, and Migurata in red ones.

residents of Astarma founded three classes:

  • Paladins
  • Tamers
  • Arrows

Paladins are the most courageous and skillful warriors, famously meeting the enemy alone and fighting in contact - melee combat, and the elements of synthesis help them.

Tamers prefer medium distances using the power of fire. They are able to unravel enemy maneuvers in advance, act in the light of the moves of the allies, and apply unique tactics in the midst of events.

The shooters are only the most accurate and vigilant warriors. They deftly move away from the weapons of their enemies, therefore invincibility is one of the important qualities. Using magic, they call for help element of air.

By joining alliances with like-minded other players, you get some of their skills, as well as increase the chances of winning.

We gain fame and experience in battles

Of your tricks and ability to quickly make decisions, possession of weapons and the ability to quickly replace it with others, depends on the course of events. You can destroy the monsters encountered and monsters. While some heroes attack them in the forehead, others surround, bypass from the rear. Everything happens so enchanting that it gives aesthetic pleasure from the contemplation of each moment.

Before you unleashed massive battles, and you are in their midst. Capture and destroy the enemy to get his experience. Methodically attacking the chosen enemy, bring it to complete destruction regardless of what weapon you have - the power of spells or the sword.

V iPlayer Order of Magic, you can choose the battle mode: PvE or PvP. Fighting with crowds of monsters, you act wisely, because every encounter is a plus to your experience, knowledge, abilities and skills. And the dead monster gives you very valuable, useful artifacts that can be left for personal use or offered for sale to a local merchant.

Getting up skills, you can go to the Arena to measure strengths and weapons with other players. Only brave and strong heroes of the kingdom gather here to hone and demonstrate their skills. You can get to the Arena at the first level, if you are confident enough in yourself. In such fights, you can use magic, any weapon and even fight with your fists.

This is a great way to earn some money, fame and reputation. Although the latter are not so important, but nicely excite pride. True, they will appear in you only because of the victory that still needs to be won.


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