Reflection of the universe

Alternative names: Reflection of the universe

Reflection universe online - is shareware multiplayer game in the genre of science fiction with a unique economic system. Online game Reflection universe brings to the player's computer specific system requirements.

Join in the game universe Reflection simple and does not take much of your time. Register Reflection universe asks you to enter your login - the name by which you will enter the game, password, nickname - the name by which you will know in the game, e-mailbox. Reflection also register online universe prompts you to write the type of your video card. At the end you will have to agree to the terms of the user agreement and accept the rules of the game. After that, start the game, you will need to download the client - a special program that is installed on your computer and optimizes your internet traffic, at the same time reduces the likelihood of errors in the display of graphical objects.

Reflection universe online game allows users while they are playing in the reflection of the universe, making money during battles or by selling items produced, and then translate these into real money. For the production of food, weapons and other items with a view to their subsequent resale, you'll have to look at the game site resources.

At the beginning of the game you will be given a shotgun with ammunition and a minimum kit. This is an excellent opportunity to test their strength in the shooting, and at the same time enjoy the 3D shooter elements (games "shooter"), which contains the game Reflection online universe. With this weapon you can hunt wildlife planet.

For your character in the game is great potential trade

- Shop where you can buy everything you need - from weapons to food

- Buying, in which you can sell something urgently to urgently get resources

- Auction, you will expose your unique product.

Your character can choose its own path for development and making money in any of the areas

- Exploitation,

- Gathering,

- Manufacture of weapons

- Agriculture,

- Service in the Self-Defense Forces,

- Political activity,

- Create your own full-fledged gaming business

- Creation and development of his clan.

Although the economic model in the game as close to reality, though, when you play the game online universe Reflection, then immerse yourself in the world of the Earth the seventh millennium. The game perfectly spelled nuances of this world, its values, a system of social relations and cultural features of life.

To play reflection of the universe, we must be able to use during the battle of natural cover - you will not be able to dodge the flying bullets. For shots on goal will not need to click on it with the mouse, because the system works sight. In addition, game developers have introduced an interesting battle system parameter - if you inadvertently will shoot, you can cause damage to their allies. The game features a wide selection of weapons, skills that your character will grow with level.

When you play the game online reflection of the universe, you can choose a one of eight martial professions that are all-business issues and make their money on the battlefield.

Another advantage of the game is that your character, if desired, can change their profession, without losing the skills and experience.

This game plunges you into the real world virtually future after the Great Catastrophe, and there you will be able to earn money to live on Earth in the present.


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