Overlord Fellowship of Evil

Alternative names: Overlord Fellowship of Evil

Game Overlord Fellowship of Evil: evil returns.

20. 10. 2015 left the game Overlord Fellowship of Evil in the genre of role-playing blockbuster, becoming an extension of the previous parts. Developer Codemasters said that this kind of experiment for the return to the classical origins of gaming technology.

Gamers see the situation from above, and not open to review of a wider field of action. You can place single campaign or co-operate with four friends for passing a joint. Develop basic toy for the most popular platforms:

  • Xbox One
  • Microsoft Windows
  • PlayStation 4

Mnogie who managed Overlord Fellowship of Evil download and try it out, expressed different opinions, and not all were satisfied. Taking to the attention of the claim, the authors promise to later release an updated version, which will be corrected the wrong time.

Your role is unambiguous true evil!

If you are used to choose between armor and glistening in the glow of the knights and their opponents Knights too, but not so radiant, the developers of this fun decided everything for you, leaving only to control the forces of evil. And it will not mix, it is a glimpse of the skinny gremlins with greedy eyes. That these beauties and you have to manage, if you download Overlord Fellowship of Evil.

In the previous part gremlins (they minions) have lost their master Dark Lord, and revive it lacks skills. They have long suffered bullying, watching the happy faces of the peasants, verdant meadows and fragrant flowers fluttering of butterflies. Long like blasphemy can not tolerate the dark soul, and the tribe gremlins gone into the cave, he found a book of ancient spells th called the four servants of darkness.

Risen demons be unpleasant work destroy man has created to make the world of chaos, to instill terror in the souls of men. Only after all the preparations you can again try to resurrect the Dark Lord, but for now please welcome four monsters:

  • Vsesilnaya necromancer once wrongly held ritual and it was blown to pieces, but now it is back in business;
  • Ustrashayuschy powerful warrior in his time has not managed to attack the stone trolls, and died, but is now back;
  • Zlobny dwarf was killed by a member of the Brotherhood of Evil;
  • Temny elf was struck dwarf its most implacable enemy.

assigned to each character its own role in the new history of the Overlord Fellowship of Evil on the PC. They attack in a frontal attack, operate from a distance, use magic and weaken enemies. That they became stronger, we need to develop their skills by sending in a battle that will be enough. Soon it will be possible to complement their talents with additional skills to equip different weapons and equipment.

Compared with the previous Overlord FOE parts, we see differences in the principles of military action earlier emphasis on mass zavarushku now heroes got their own gremlins mignon with a personal set of qualities that can also pump.

left and black humor that so impressed the players, and armed them, along with the weapon, you can go to the village in order to take part in the looting, destruction of people's homes, the destruction of livestock and the enslavement of the people. Let someone and believes that Project Overlord is a bit rustic, in the dynamics of mischief and he did not refuse.

Minimum System Requirements

  • OS: 64 bit / Windows 7 (and up)
  • Pamyat 4 Gb
  • Protsessor: Intel Core i3 Series / AMD FX Series (better)
  • Video: AMD HD4850 ​​/ Nvidia GTS250 (better)
  • Mesto disk space: 5 Gb
  • DirectX: 9. 0s

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